December 13: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – New Beginnings and Losing the Love of Your Life

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 – Episode #7334


Ridge Asks for Steffy’s Blessing

Ridge continues to make preparations to propose to Brooke, unaware that his brother, Thorne, has already done so.  Ridge hopes that Brooke will agree to finally marry him so that he can put what happened with Quinn in Australia behind them and live their lives together.  But that won’t happen if Thorne has his way.  Since learning about Ridge’s latest betrayal of Brooke, Thorne has used it as proof that Ridge will always cheat on her and that she should put Ridge in her past once and for all.  Ridge thinks by putting a ring on Brooke’s finger that threat will be neutralized.

Ridge and Steffy discuss each of their relationship challenges.  Steffy tells her dad that nothing will ever come between her and Liam again. Of course, she means Sally Spectra, and unbeknownst to Liam, his dad, Bill Spencer who Steffy had retaliatory sex with after learning that Liam kissed Sally.

Ridge has his own observation about his relationship with Brooke noting that sometimes you have to almost lose what you care about to realize how precious it is.  Ridge doesn’t understand that those words have significance for Steffy also, but she sure does.

The Bold and the beatuiful spoilers december 13 2017

Liam Shares News with Bill

Meanwhile, Liam is also having a heart to heart with his father Bill.  Liam confides in Bill over the recent challenges in his marriage.  He tells his father that he and Steffy have decided to wipe the slate clean from the point the renewed their wedding vows.  They are re-starting their married life with a new beginning.  Liam is no doubt shares how grateful he is for Steffy’s forgiveness and understanding.

Which will make Bill squirm.  Since Bill and Steffy committed the ultimate betrayal of Liam by sleeping together. Of course, that it reawakened long dormant feelings in Bill for his daughter in law, is something that Bill can’t confide in anyone except Steffy, who really doesn’t want to hear it.

Bill hasn’t even confided in buddy, Justin about what happened or his feelings. Liam tunes in to his father’s mood and tells Bill that he and Steffy understand what he is going through.  Liam is referring to Brooke when he tells his father that he just lost the love of his life, but Bill’s thoughts haven’t been on Brooke.  They are firmly focused on Steffy, the woman he can’t have, while she is married to his son.

Spoilers for this week, hint however, that there could be a turn of events in Liam and Steffy’s life that could change all that…And Bill Spencer is not known for not going after what he wants.

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