December 4: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – What Does It Have To Do With My Father?

Monday, December 4, 2017 – Episode #7727


Liam Worried About Steffy’s Emotional State

Steffy is torn.  She betrayed her husband.  And thanks to Bill Spencer, telling her that coming clean about their night together will cost Steffy her marriage and him his son, Steffy has kept quiet.  Meanwhile, Liam has been overly grateful for Steffy coming back to him and forgiving him for his indiscretion – kissing Sally Spectra when they thought there were going to die.

To make matters worse, when Steffy started to try to tell Liam the truth on Friday, he assumed he was the problem, that she was still struggling with what he had done with Sally.  He is worried that he has pushed too hard to sweep his indiscretion under the carpet and start anew – complete with renewed wedding vows.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers December 4 2017

Steffy became more and more distressed and asked Liam to let her finish.  Her upset wasn’t because of him, it is because of his father, Steffy finally managed to get out between her tears and Liam’s self recriminations.

Seems like that finally got Liam’s attention.  Today, Liam wants to know why she is hysterically upset and what it has to do with Liam’s father.  But reading between the lines, the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that something prevents Steffy from telling Liam what happened between her and Bill.  Instead Steffy ends up on the phone to Bill where he warns her that Liam can never know about that night.  Steffy is still uncertain, these things have a way of getting out (especially in the Forrester, Logan and Spencer families!)

It looks like Liam is set to be in the dark for a bit longer.

Brooke Confronts Ridge About Quinn

Meanwhile, over at Brooke’s house, Ridge learns that Brooke has a new roomie – his “little brother” Thorne!  Thorne’s return is already pushing Ridge’s buttons, and Thorne doesn’t seem content to take Ridge’s digs anymore and just retreat to the basement.

With Thorne’s newfound design skills, he seems a lot more confident in his position in the family and seems set to take on Ridge for the title of No. 1 son.  And Thorne isn’t above reminding anyone that Ridge isn’t a Forrester – by blood.

And Ridge is about to learn that Brooke isn’t too pleased with him either.  Having overheard Ridge and Quinn in the office last week, where the conversation was just a little too friendly considering their history.  Though the comments Brooke overheard were directed to a piece of jewelry that Quinn was wearing, that isn’t what Brooke heard.  She tells Ridge that she heard him tell Quinn that she was beautiful.

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Monday December 4, 2017

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