December 5: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Who Would Ridge Cheat With?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 – Episode #7728

Thorne Reveals His New Career Aspirations

Ridge is used to getting what he wants.  It seems to be everyone’s catch cry about him.  What Ridge wants right now is for his “Little Brother” Thorne to get back on the company get and go back to Paris.

That seems unlikely to happen.  The Thorne that returned from Paris last week is no long content to sit in the basement taking care of logistics. After losing his daughter, Aly, Thorne no longer had anyting to lose and pursued a long-held passion of designing.  And what better place to nurture and develop any talent Eric passed down to him, than in Paris.

Thorne didn’t return to Los Angeles with an entitlement attitude, however.  It seems all Forrester prodigy, whether by blood or adoption, at some point believe they have the chops to design the next Forrester showstopper.  Thorne, however has returned having tested his aptitude.

So far, only Brooke is aware that Thorne is designing and that he is the designer behind a small European fashion label “Aly’s Fashions” that is receiving favorable press, not because it is the start-up of a Forrester offspring, but because of the designs. Thorne has tested himself in a way few Forrester’s have.

And this has given Thorne a newfound sense of self confidence.  And he’s not holding back. Thorne has been very candid about his opinion of Ridge.  He seems to be alone in thinking that Brooke and ridge do not belong together, because, well, how many chances have they had, and Ridge always screws it up, usually by cheating.  As he did on the eve of his last wedding to Brooke in Australia.

Brooke has told Thorne that Ridge kissed someone.  And today, Thorne discusses the indiscretion with his father not knowing who it was that Ridge cheated with and that he is stirring up issues between Eric and Ridge only recently resolved.

Thorne makes the observation that Brooke is one of the most accomplished and beautiful women in the world, so who would Ridge cheat with?

The Bold and the beautiful Spoilers December 4 2017

Ridge Unhappy About Thorne’s Return

Ridge wasn’t happy to see his little brother when he walked through the door of the Forrester Mansion after Thanksgiving.   And with Thorne standing up for himself, Ridge really isn’t pleased.

Ridge has been trying to get Brooke to reconcile with him since Brooke dumped Bill Spencer for his scary behavior, but Brooke has maintained that she needs some space.  Space that Ridge thinks he is giving her, but by spending every moment at Brooke’s house or in her presence he’s not really.  As Thorne noted.

Still, Ridge has been trying to get Brooke to let him move back in, but has been unsuccessful.  So his nose is a little out of joint that Thorne scored and invitation to stay in Brooke’s guestroom and that the arrangement has Brooke and Thorne spending time together. Thorne is going to cook her dinner in appreciation of her offer of a place to stay.

Brooke doesn’t understand why the brothers can’t just get along and why Ridge is so obsessed with what brought Thorne home now.  Why can’t Ridge just be happy that has brother is back? Brooke wonders.  But Thorne’s arrival has taken Ridge by surprise and he’s determined to work out the reason for his return.  “It’s a mystery, Ridge pouts and he didn’t make it what it is.”

But Ridge is about to find out what his brother has been doing in Paris since his daughter’s death.  Brooke and Eric are needless to say, thrilled with Thorne’s new career direction, but Ridge will see it as Thorne encroaching on his territory even further.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also hint that Quinn and Ivy will have a discussion about Ridge and Thorne’s differences, bringing fans up to speed with Ridge and Thorne’s brotherly rivalry and history.

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Tuesday December 5, 2017

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