December 8: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Don’t Let Ridge Break Your Heart Again

Friday, December 8, 2017 – Episode #7731


Thorne Doesn’t Want Ridge to Hurt Brooke

Now understanding why everyone is being so tight-lipped about the reason Ridge and Brooke’s wedding didn’t go ahead in Australia, Thorne isn’t being shy about letting Eric and Brooke know what he things.

Yesterday, Thorne planted the idea in Eric’s head that Ridge seems to have no trouble betraying Eric over and over with his wives because he is a power hungry Marone, not a Forrester who carries Eric’s DNA. Of course, Thorne is reminding his dad, also, that Ridge also betrayed him by having an affair with Brooke years ago, while Brooke was married to Eric.

Thorne sees Ridge’s latest betrayal of Eric, kissing Quinn, as a repeat performance and therefor a pattern.  Eric is trying to stay neutral and prevent all out war breaking out between his sons but with Thorne’s new determination, and armed with Ridge’s sins, Thorne stands a decent chance of convincing those who matter that he, not Ridge should be at the helm of the Forrester family, and company.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers December 8 2017

Thorne also wasted not time yesterday in telling Brooke that he knows why she called off her marriage to Ridge in Australia, and that she shouldn’t marry Ridge. Today, Thorne continues the discussion begging Brooke not to give Ridge another chance to break her heart.

Of course, Ridge will have a very different opinion, and when Ridge turns up at Brooke’s house Thorne doesn’t hold back in letting Ridge know what he thinks of him betraying Brooke with their father’s wife.  Left unchecked Ridge and Thorne’s argument in the office would have become physical, but Eric, Quinn and Brooke walked in on them diffusing the situation.

Brooke will referee between the waring brothers, but can she stop the argument coming to blows?

Quinn tells Ridge at the office that she would truly regret if what happened between them would cost him Brooke.  But perhaps the newest Mrs Eric Forrester is taking too much of the blame.  She is just the latest in a long line of Ridges indiscretions, that Brooke has forgiven in the past.  Can she do it again?

Not if Thorne has his way.

Liam Gets Closer to the Truth

Meanwhile, over in the Spencer camp, Bill and Steffy have another pow-wow about keeping their secret and moving forward with their decisions. Bill is the only person that Steffy can confide in over her feelings about that night, and she certainly needs to talk to someone given that her mental state lately has been precarious at best.  Where is Steffy’s mother, the shrink, when you need her?

But if Steffy continues to run off to see Bill, Liam is going to wonder what is up.  Which he will be doing anyway after today.  In a conversation with Quinn, Liam learns that Steffy spend the night of their argument at the Forrester guest house.  This is not what Steffy told him.  When asked, Steffy told Liam that she went for a drive, parked, and ended up thinking about how wonderful a husband he was and came home to Liam.

Liam didn’t quite believe the story, given that Steffy had stormed out of their home feeling betrayed by him.  But Liam didn’t push Steffy on the issue when it was clear her emotional state was less than stable. Will Liam start to ask more questions now that he knows his wife lied to him?

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Friday December 8, 2017

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