Hello Hope! – Annika Noelle Cast As Hope Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope Logan, walked off our screens to a go see her mother in Italy in December 2014 after losing her and Wyatt’s baby.  Hope has mostly been since then, with the exception of a couple of visits here and there.

After a 4 year absence, Hope has been recast with Annika Noelle.  So, like Thorne, Hope will be returning with a new face.  Unknown at this stage is whether Hope’s personality will receive a tweak, again, like Thorne.

The only clues may be this photo posted to The Bold and the Beautiful’s Instagram of Annika Noelle’s first day on set, scheduled to hit our screens on January 8. 2018.

Hope’s Back!

It’s @annikanoelle’s first day on set! Tune in on January 8 to see her debut in the role of Hope Logan. #BoldandBeautiful

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If Hope’s wardrobe is any indication, Annika Noelle’s “Hope”  will be a prim and proper as she was when portrayed by Kim Matula.  From the photo  it also looks like Brooke is surprised by her daughter’s homecoming.  And the way Ridge is holding her it would appear that he has something to do with making the surprise happen.

Hope is arriving home at a time when her ex-fiance, Liam’s marriage is going through a pretty rough patch, which leaves plenty of opportunity to re-ignite the Steffy, Liam and Hope love triangle that kept us entertained for years.  And if that isn’t in Hope’s future?  There’s also ex-husband, Wyatt, who’s life she can re-enter.

Need a refresher on Hope’s past with Liam and Wyatt?

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