Is Steffy Headed for a Breakdown? Ridge and Thorne Compete

Competitive Sons

Brooke Quinn and Ridge are curious to see where Thorne goes with his designing.  If Ridge doesn’t get in his way, Brooke notes.  Eric says his boys have been very competitive all their lives, but somehow Ridge usually ends up getting the upper hand.

Maybe Thorne will stand up to his brother this time Eric muses.

The Bold and the Beautiful December 6 2017

Ridge and Thorne Argue

Ridge tells Throne to respect his office. Thorne says he’s not putting up with this anymore.  He’s sick of his condescending attitude.  Ridge tells his “Little Brother” not to overact.  Thorne tells him again not to call him that.

Thorne isn’t going anywhere.  Its their family business.  Which Ridge reminds Thorne he runs.  Brooke, Eric and Quinn come in when they hear Thorne and Ridge fighting.

Eric suggests that Brooke takes Thorne to Il Giordino for lunch.  Before he goes, Thorne says Ridge is done mistreating people.  Especially Brooke.

Eric tells Ridge that he is too old to be at his brothers throat all the time, Eric tells him to be civil to his brother.  Eric tells him he has to do better, and Ridge suggests Deric lower his expectations.

Ridge thinks there is something going on with Thorne.  Quinn realizes that Ridge is upset about Thorne staying with Brooke.   Ridge thinks Thorne should get a hotel room.  In fact, Ridge is going to find Brooke and Thorne now.

Eric says he hates in fighting – especially amongst his kids.  That’s why its called sibling rivalry, Quinn says. Eric says Brooke is in the middle of it again.

Sheila Tells Thorne About Ridge and Quinn’s Affair

At lunch, Thorne tells Brooke she deserves better than Ridge after what he did to her in Australia the day before their wedding.  Thorne suggests Brooke tries being alone for a while.  She doesn’t need a man to define her.  She’s an amazing woman. He’s know that since the day he met her.

Thorne and Brooke compliment each other.  She thinks he’s the sweetest kindest person she’s ever met. Thorne thinks maybe that is how he got where he is – nowhere.  Being a father was the greatest experience of his life.

Ridge arrives to whisk Brooke back to the office for a lunch meeting. Sheila watches.  She goes over and greets him.  Sheila says she noticed the connection that Thorne has with Brooke – until Ridge came and took her away.  But that is what Ridge does, Sheila notes, takes whatever woman he wants.  From his friends, brother, or father.

Thorne asks what she means.  Sheila fills Thorne in on what she tries with Matteo because she thought Quinn would cheat on him.  Sheila asks if he knows who Ridge was with before their Ridge and Brooke’s wedding in Australia.  He doesn’t, but is concerned about Brooke getting hurt again.  So he should be, Sheila says. Sheila hired Matteo because Quinn has cheated on Eric before.  She had an affair with Ridge Sheila tells Thorne.

Back at the office it is clear that Ridge just didn’t want her to have lunch with Thorne.

Is Steffy Headed For a Breakdown?

Steffy can’t stop thinking about making love to Bill.  Liam notes her state and asks if she’s okay. What is wrong he wants to know?  Steffy covers she’s fine.  Liam inadvertently brings up Sally and immediately apologizes despite Steffy saying it is fine.  Liam tells Steffy he will never forgive himself for breaking their vows.  They hug.

The bold and the beautiful December 6 2017

He wants to put this behind them but know he has no right to expect that.  He couldn’t believe how lucky she was when she came home and forgave him.  It was like she was a different person.  Liam asks where she went that night?  What did Steffy do?  What made her come back home?

Steffy says she just wanted to come home and be with him.  She never should have left him, Steffy says.  Liam asked if she was with someone who helped her?  Steffy becomes upset. Steffy doesn’t disagree when Liam supposes she was alone.  She says she went for a drive parked her car and thought about how lucky she was to have him as a husband.

Liam thinks it odd, he had just betrayed her.  Steffy tells him to stop. She becomes emotional with images of making love to Bill flashing through her mind.  Steffy just wants to erase that night.  Liam tells her it will never happen again.  He will never let her down again.  Liam kisses Steffy then goes to finish making lunch. Steffy can’t quiet her inner voice who calls her a liar and guilty…

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