Liam and Steffy Decide The Night They Argued Never Happened; Thorne Kisses Brooke

It never happened

At Malibu, Liam tells Steffy he’s not accusing her of anything.  Steffy says it feels that way.  Why does it matter?  Liam says if you went for a drive is one thing, but if you left with the intent of moving back into your grandfather’s house, that’s a whole other thing.

Liam notices that Steffy is shaking. Liam says she left their home furiours and then she came back a few hours later apologetic and ready to recommit to their marriage and renew their wedding vows.  Liam wants to understand how that happened. He’s getting two different stories here and he wants to know which is the truth.

Liam wants to know if Steffy is still angry with him.  She’s angry but at herself, Steffy tells Liam.  Then why did she lie to him Liam wants to know.  Steffy says she did something wrong.  Liam walks through what he thinks happened.  Was she alone in the guest house Liam wants to know.  Liam wonders if she was thinking about leaving him.

Not for long Steffy says. Liam decides that Steffy didn’t want to admit that to him and told him the story about driving around instead.  Steffy tells him she’s sorry and hugs him.

Liam apologizes he says he has a lot more to make up for than she does.  Steffy says to stop beating himself up.  They have to stop brining it into each new day and move on.

Liam tells Steffy he has everything he ever wanted because of her.  So does she, Steffy says.  Liam wants to know why she’s so upset.  She’s scared of losing him.  Liam asks where the woman is who ziplined into their happily ever after.

Liam says she is still on that awful night.  He has Steffy say that none of it ever happened.  Then he wants to hear that she is back.  Steffy says cha-cha-cha.It never happened, Steffy repeats and they kiss.

The Bold and the Beatuiful Recap December 11 2017

Thorne Pushes, Ridge Shoves But its Thorne Who Kisses Brooke!

Ridge continues to goad Thorne about pushing him over.  Thorne says he fell over because Ridge’s head is too big for his body.

Brooke returns to find Ridge on the ground and asks Thorne what he did.  Ridge smirks. Brooke tells Thorne her house will not be the battleground for their longstanding rivalry.  Show each other respect.

Ridge and Thorne continue to argue. Brooke wants to know why they can’t see in each other what she sees in them.  Brooke suggests Ridge leaves.

Before he does, Ridge has one last dig to counter Thorne’s claim that Ridge is just a Marone thug.

He has DNA and a pedigree but what he doesn’t have an ounce of talent. Ridge didn’t bully him way to the top of his profession because he earned it.  He was in the basement because of him.  It was the place he could do the least damage.  The only think that kept him from being fired was his DNA, pedigree and chromosomes.

Brooke asks Ridge to leave, but he shoves Thorne first. Thorne tells Brooke they can’t just wish a way a lifetime of disfunction.  Thorne says Ridge just has to win, then Ridge loses interest.  Don’t let it happen to her again, Thorne suggests.

Brooke says she doesn’t want to be alone.  She likes being with someone. Thorne suggests there are other ways not to be alone and kisses Brooke.

Bracelet Secret

Quinn is working with Maya.  Maya likes the bracelet that Quinn designed based on one that Steffy left behind in the guest house. They discuss Steffy fibbing about staying in the guest house.  Quinn says even married people have secrets and want privacy.

Maya suggests Quinn not tell anyone else where she got the inspiration for the bracelet.  After all, who wants their marital issues discussed.

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