Liam Learns Steffy Had Paternity Test While Justin Berates Bill For Messing With Steffy

Justin Annoyed By Bill Messing With Steffy

Bill remembers Steffy telling him the baby is Liam’s.  Justin arrives. He’s worried about Bill. He’s not himself. Justin ran the passport information Bill gave him for the Stella Maris trip a few weeks ago .  It was Steffy’s. Your son’s wife.  Bill yells at Justin to stay out of his life. Justin is furious.  Liam’s wife.  That was your revenge, Justin asks disgusted.  Bill yells that was nothing to do with it.

Justin says if it wasn’t retaliation why would he get caught up with Steffy.  Justin is flabbergasted that Bill was thinking about makng a life with Steffy.  Bill says no one is supposed to know.  It was one night. After Steffy found out Liam and Sally made out.  Bill tells Justin that Steffy is pregnant.  Justin wonders if the bay is his.

Bill says both he and Steffy wondered that.  Even with all the complications, Bill would embrace being Steffy’s baby’s father, but he would lose his son.  Justin speculates that Bill is in love with Steffy. Bill says the two of them were in pain and they needed each other. Liam doesn’t know and he will never know.

Justin asks again, if Bill is the baby’s father. Bill says there was a paternity test. It was conclusive.  Justin says him being Steffy’s baby father would not have been good. Bill agrees, Bill would have never forgiven him, but he would have had a life with Steffy.  She’s the only woman who’s ever understood him.  But it will neve be.  They have a child on the way and Liam can never know about him and Steffy.  None of it.

Liam Learns Steffy Cheated On Him

Steffy comes home to find Liam outside enjoying the view. He asks where she went to. Liam notes they will both have to consider cutting back on work once their baby arrives.  He was imagining their child playing in the sand.  Liam wonders how Steffy is feeling. Steffy tells Liam she’s the happiest she’s ever been knowing she’s carrying his baby.

They agree they will have an amazing future.  He will be the best father.  And Steffy hopes their child will be just like him.   She loves him and can’t imagine life without him. They kiss.

Steffy and Liam are in different parts of the garden, enjoying the day.  Steffy watches him near the fire pit.  She fantasizes about him playing with their son.  She sees herself in the fantasy picking up their son, then enjoying a picnic as a family.   It is a perfect family setting.

Later, Liam is near Steffy’s bag as she gets a text message.  He grabs her phone from her bag to bring it to Steffy.  He notices a piece of paper in the bag and pulls it out.  His mood changes in an instant.  He walks around to where Steffy is sitting.  He hands her the paper.  She looks at it.  It is the order for a paternity test.  She looks up at him horrified he found it.

Liam Finds Steffys Paternity Test Results

Thorne and Katie Bond Over Being “The Younger Kid”

Katie offers Thorne a place to crash.  Thorne doesn’t want to impose, and Dad has been bugging him to stay at the estate.  Besides her guy would not like him moving in too much.  Katie says they are enjoying each other, but aren’t exclusive.  Thorne is impressed by Katie’s changes.  She seems happy and confident. Katie is liking being a single divorced mom.  She has no complaints. Thorne wishes they could all be so lucky.

Katie has no regrets.  A lot of her marriage to Bill was wonderful and she wouldn’t have had her son without him.  She is just letting herself be who she wants to be, not who everyone thinks she should be.  They discuss Thorne’s dating life.  Katie says he has to be one of the most handsome sought after bachelors in Los Angeles, if not the world.  Thorne says he’s never been good at dating.  He’s only had three or four dates in the past year. Katie says she’s not sure that can call what she is doing now as dating.

Thorne heads home.  He’s glad Katie is happy. Katie jokes that this guy she is with has never had an eye for Brooke. Thorne notes that probably counts him out for her.  Katie says once bitten by the sexy Brooke Logan you’re hooked for life.

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