Liam Wants the Truth About the Night They Argued; Ridge Insults Thorne; Thorne Shoves Ridge

Eric Wonders if Thorne Is Right About Ridge

Ridge and Quinn discuss getting past their attraction.  Quinn would truly regret if what happened between them would cost him Brooke.  Ridge thinks that Brooke is putting what they did behind her.

Eric arrives looking for Ridge, but Pam says he’s not there.  He’s gone to Brookes, and has  a stab at how little Ridge has actually been working.

Ivy arrives.  Eric explains to Ivy that Thorne found out what happened in Australia, and he’s not going to let it go. Eric wonders if Thorne has a point.  Maybe he shouldn’t have forgiven Ridge.  He knows how manipulative Ridge can be.

Eric starts to wonder if Thorne is right and they should all stand up to Ridge.  He wants the best for Brooke.  And maybe Ridge isn’t it.

Ridge Insults Thorne; Thorne Pushes Ridge

Thorne tells Brooke his brother is incapable of change.  Don’t give him another chance to break your heart ever again.  Brooke says she was furious at first, and its taken her a lot of work to get past that.  He’s not going to do it again Brooke says.

Thorne reminds her that Ridge can’t commit.  He can’t do it, not like Thorne.  Thorne admits there was another reason for coming back to LA.  Other than being a designer.  It’s Brooke, Thorne tells her.  He’s been thinking about all the people he’s lost in his life.  That made him think about those who have been close to him that he hasn’t lost.  She’s one of them.

Brooke is glad he’s back.  They’ve had some wonderful times together.  Ridge comes in.  Thorne tells Ridge he knows what he did with dad’s wife the day before he was supposed to marry Brooke.  It doesn’t get more disgusting than that, Thorne says.

Ridge tells Thorne mistakes were made and he apologized.  What does it have to do with Thorne, Ridge wants to know.  The people involved have made peace with it. Brooke leaves to answer the door, and wants to know if they can be trusted alone.

The Bold and the beautiful recap december 8 2017

Ridge accuses Thorne of having issues with Ridge because Ridge was their mother’s favorite.  Ridge doesn’t want to fight. He loves his brother so he’s going to tell him the truth.  He’s not a leader, he’s not a designer, and he’s less gifted than Ridge.  That’s how the world and Brooke see him.

Thorne shoves Ridge so he falls to the ground. Thorne says the world and Brooke will come to see Thorne as the person that freed them of Ridge.

Liam Learns Steffy Was In The Forrester Guest House

Quinn meets with Liam about her jewelry line for the magazine. Quinn says she modelled one of pieces after the jewelry of Steffy’s they found in the guest house.  Quinn says he gave Steffy back the original at Thanksgiving.  Quinn says they were worried about them.  They didn’t want to pry but it seemed strange that Steffy would stay there.  Liam agrees.  It is strange.  Quinn tells that it was the night that she and Liam argued before Thanksgiving.

Liam says the bracelet could have been there for a while.  But Quinn says the lights were on and the shower was used and so was the bed.  Liam wonders why Steffy would keep this from him.

Bill and Steffy Haunted

Bill comes to see Steffy.  She tells him that he can’t just turn up here.  Bill reminds Steffy its his house.  If he wants to go surfing, he can.  He tells Steffy she has to let this go.  Smile and Lie.

Steffy says she can’t lie.  Liam is so grateful and appreciative. If only he knew.  Bill says he never will.  Steffy says that Liam can see she’s changed.  He has so many questions and all she does is lie.  Its not who she wants to be.

Bill tells Steffy to close her eyes.  She is sitting in her car parked on the side of the road.  She’s processing, finding a way to forgive Liam.  If Steffy believes it, Liam will too.

Steffy says this is haunting her and her guilt is written all over her face.  Bill reminds Steffy that they both thought she and Liam were done.  Steffy tells herself she can do this.

Back in his office, Bill can’t stop thinking about making love to Steffy.

Liam Wants the Truth From Steffy

Liam comes home and Steffy tells him she is glad to see him. Liam says he was at Forrester to get quotes from Quinn.  He tells Steffy that she was a large part of the inspiration for Quinn’s new jewelry line.  She’s wearing the bracelet and Steffy says that Quinn has commented on it before.  Liam says Quinn told him that she found it in the Forrester guesthouse.

Liam questions Steffy. Why she would tell him she was driving around when she wasn’t’.  It’s a simple question where did she go that night and what did she do.  What happened, Liam asks.  All he wants is the truth.

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