Ridge And Brooke Get Steamy and Thorne Warns Brooke Not to Marry Ridge Again

Thorne Wants Answers

Thorne is disbelieving about Ridge and Quinn.  Sheila tells Thorne that he has reason to concerned about Ridge and Brooke. Thorne can’t believe Ridge would do this to his dad.  Again.  Sheila agrees Eric was devastated, but forgave Quinn and Ridge. Thorne leaves Il Giardino looking for answers.  Sheila reminds him that this information didn’t come from her.

Ridge and Brooke Enjoy a Favorite Pastime

As they finish their lunch, Brooke notes she was having a good time with Thorne until Ridge whisked her away for this supposed lunch meeting.  Ridge says Thorne is best in small doses and if she is finished with her lunch Ridge has another surprise for her.

They end up in the company steam room. They discuss Thorne.  Ridge thinks Throne is taking advantage of her hospitality and keep asking her about why he and Brooke didn’t marry in Australia. Brooke thanks Ridge for being there for her and giving her space and remind her what they have together.  Ridge will keep reminding her.

What they have is once in a lifetime and very special.  They are going to make it work this time.

Thorne Asks Eric about Ridge and Quinn

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap

Quinn and Eric are about to head to lunch when Thorne arrives and wants to talk to Eric alone.  Quinn heads out to get lunch.  She will bring something back for Eric.

Thorne tells Eric that he knows how Ridge betrayed him again.  With Quinn. Eric doesn’t want to talk about it.  There is no reason to dredge all this up again.  He and Quinn have reconciled.

Thorne wonder what the hell is wrong with Ridge to do this to Eric again. Thorne says they can’t let Ridge keep ruining lives.  Eric says no one’s life has been ruined.  Eric says he didn’t forgive Ridge – immediately.  He banished Ridge from the company and the family.

But life is short.  Hanging onto animosity and bad feelings is a waste of time.  Thorne gets it, but Ridge keeps taking and taking, but no more.  Thorne is going to put a stop to it once and for all.

Eric tells Thorne not to go after Ridge.  It’s in the past.  But Thorne says because of his mother’s lie, Thorne has lived his life in the shadow of a power hungry Marone.  Thorne carries Eric’s DNA not Ridge.  Maybe that is why its so easy for Ridge to do the things to Eric that he has done.

Thorne says actions have consequences.  Thorne says his brother is going to learn that the hard way.  From him,

Quinn Gets Lunch

Sheila tells Quinn her to go order will be ready soon.  Quinn tells her to buzz off. Sheila says she’s just trying to earn a living. They banter about her and Ridge.  Quinn tells Sheila that she hopes Ridge and Brooke will be as happy as she is.  With Eric.

The Bold and the Beatuiful December 7 2017

Quinn gets her order and tells Sheila she’s a conniving witch with an obsession with her husband.  Quinn tells her to stay away from her, her husband and the rest of the family.  Her days of wreaking havoc are over.  Sheila is delighted that she still gets to Quinn.

Later, Ridge finds Quinn eating alone. Quinn wonders if he popped the question in the steam room.  Its been a favorite place over the years, so what better place.  Ridge asks if she’s seen Thorne.  Quinn tells him that he was with his father earlier.  They discuss Throne being more assertive.  Ridge thinks Thorne is up to something.

Thorne Tells Brooke She Can’t Marry Ridge

At home, Thorne and Brooke discuss Ridge taking Brooke away from lunch with Thorne.  Thorne tells Brooke that he knows the other woman was Quinn.  Ridges lies, and betrayals can’t go on.  Ridge cheated on you which is horrible enough, but with Dad’s wife?  Brooke admits she was horrified.  Thorne says this is all on Ridge.  Brooke shouldn’t have to put up with this.  Ridge is a perpetual cheater who has broken her heart so many times.  Brooke deserves better. Thorne thinks Ridge is incapable of providing the wonderful future that Ridge is no doubt promising.  She can’t marry his brother, Thorn tells Brooke.

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