Ridge and Steffy Discuss Moving On While Bill and Liam Discuss Regrets

Steffy and Liam Commit to Moving On

Ridge turns up at Steffy’s place bearing coffee.  He’s checking up on her.  She hasn’t been herself lately. Ridge knows that the thing with Sally and Liam has been stressful.  Steffy says they are putting it behind them and moving on.  Ridge says good people sometimes do bad things.

Ridge commends Steffy for forgiving Liam.  Steffy agrees with Ridge, Marriages get challenged and they can’t get stuck in the past with the guilt.  They have to move on, Steffy says. She and Liam are together, and nothing will come between them again, Steffy says.

Bold and the beatuiful recap december 13 2017

Ridge says she looks happy.  Steffy admits there were moments she didn’t think she would feel this way again.

Ridge pulls out the engagement ring that Quinn designed.  Steffy gets a message. It’s a reminder of her annual checkup. Steffy.  It’s gorgeous, Steffy says of the ring, Brooke is going to love it. Ridge starts putting down Bill, who is about to lose Brooke, but Steffy says they should all just move on.

Steffy just wants to live in the moment and appreciate her life.  She thinks Ridge should do the same.

Later, Liam arrives home to find Steffy in a bikini and ready to go to the beach. Liam has the rest of the day off.  He and Bill had a really nice conversation about mistakes made and how grateful they are to get through it. Steffy thinks they just need to focus on them and their fresh start. Everything makes sense when she’s with him. She’s sorry she lost sight of how important he is to her for a moment.  Steffy tells Liam she loves him, and they kiss.

Bill’s Guilt Over Betraying Liam Eats at Him

Liam, Wyatt and Justin disagree on a business matter.  Bill doesn’t care, and tells them to deal with it.  Liam thinks his mood is about Brooke.  It’s like he’s on another planet.  Even Justin has never seen him like this.  Liam says they understand he’s just loss the woman he loves.  Yes he did, Bill says.  He screwed up.  Liam tells him not to beat himself up.  He’ll find love again.  Bill throws them all out of his office to make them do something productive, but Liam stays behind.

bold and the beautiful recap 13 december 2017

Liam understands where he is.  Steffy walked out on him.  It took them a lot to get past it, especially Steffy.  But he’s so grateful she could find it in herself to forgive him. Liam says when Steffy came home that night, it was like she was a different person.  Liam tells Bill that Quinn told him that Steffy was at the guest house the night they argued. Bill says Steffy came back to him, so it really doesn’t matter where Steffy was or what she did.  Liam agrees, in that guesthouse Steffy found the peace to come back to him.  Something happened that night, Liam states.

Liam feels bad about taking to Bill about how happy he is.  Bill lost Brooke.  Liam only nearly lost Steffy so he can imagine where Bill is right now.  Liam goes on about how much her regrets how he treated him over Spectra.  Bill tells him he has made mistakes as a father also.  They can’t compete on regret.  He’s done some awful things. But he wants to do better, he can do better Bill says.  He can’t undo the past and undo reckless decisions.  But his perspective has changed.  He realizes how much Liam means to him.  Liam’s happiness is more important to Bill than his own.  Father and son hug.

Later, Bill’s temper is evident as he deals with Wyatt and Justin.  He can’t keep his mind off Steffy.

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