Ridge is Condescending About Thorne Designing Unaware He Has A Fashion Label

Ridge on Edge Over Thorne’s Agenda

At Brooke’s home, Ridge doesn’t think Thorne’s return to Los Angeles adds up. Ridge wants to know why his brother came back now. Brooke suggests that it is because Thorne’s family is here.  But Ridge isn’t buying it.  Ridge says he has known Thorne all his life.  Thorne is not spontaneous, which means Thorne is up to something.

Ridge continues that Thorne’s life and work are in Paris.  Brooke asks if he has talked to Thorne about his work recently.  Ridge says he doesn’t have time to stroke Thorne’s ego, but since Brooke has obviously talked to Thorne, Ridge wants her to tell him what is up.

Brooke asks Ridge if Thorne doesn’t seem different to him. Ridge says if Thorne wants to come back to Forrester Creations in Los Angeles they can dust off his old desk in shipping and receiving.  Brooke suggests that Thorne may have something different in mind.  Ridge thinks they go to the office and find out what that is.

the bold and the beautiful recap december 5 2017

Thorne Shows Eric and Ridge His Designs

At Forrester Creations, Thorne questions Eric about who Ridge cheated on Brooke with.  Brooke says it was just a kiss but Thorne is sure Brooke was downplaying it.  Thorne asks Eric if he knows who it was.  After All, Eric was in Australia with them.  He was there, me must know.

Thorne says Brooke is one of the most accomplished and beautiful women in the world, so who would Ridge cheat with?  Eric is uncomfortable and says that Brooke doesn’t want to discuss this, and he doesn’t want to betray that.  Eric says it isn’t an issue any longer.  It has been dealt with.  Eric understands that Thorne thinks it is unfair how things go Ridge’s way in life.

Eric says there has been a lot of unfairness in Thornes life. Macy, Darla, and then his beautiful Aly.  All the tragedy has changed him, Eric notes.

Thorne tells his father that he came back from Europe to be on an equal footing with Ridge.  Thorne wants to show Eric something.  Thorne shows him his sketches.  Ridge isn’t his only son who can design, Thorne says proud of his work.

After Aly passed he had to lose himself in something so he designed with Aly in mind. He wanted to create designs as unique as the amazing women in his life. Thorne wanted to hone his skills, working with leaders of the fashion and design industry in Europe.  But he wants his father’s opinion now.  He wants to make Eric proud. Eric is impressed.

Ridge and Brooke arrive. Ridge sees the designs in Eric’s hand.  Are they inhouse?  They don’t look it, Ridge says.  Ridge asks Eric who did them.  Thorne asks if they are good.  Ridge says yes.  Eric tells him they are Thorne’s.  “Look at you Little Brother” is Ridge’s condescending response.

Eric and Brooke are supportive, but Ridge calls Thornes designs pretty pictures and a hobby.  Thorne says it’s not a hobby. And there it is, Ridge says.  Thorne says he is proud of his designs and if he were on the design team he would welcome Ridge’s opinion.  Ridge says they are not looking to expand the design team.

Ridge says the designs are good, but there is no theme. Thorne agrees they are eclectic.  They have all the hallmarks of an inexperienced designer, Ridge states.  Thorne wants to know what gives away his inexperience, so he can work on making the designs better.  Ridge wants to discuss this with Thorne alone. Eric doesn’t want to, but Thorne says its fine.

So, Thorne’s now a designer looking for a position, and he’s moved into Brooke’s house.  Ridge asks, “What are you up to Little Brother?”


The Bold and the Beautiful recap December 5 2017

Ridge says everyone at Forrester has a role to play. Thorne says he just wants to be a part of it.  Ridge reminds Thorne he’s a big part of International.  But not as a designer, Thorne says.  Thorne tells Ridge this is important to him. Ridge thinks Thorne wanting to design this late in his career is absurd. Ridge thinks the support and mentoring Thorne has gotten from designers in Paris has been because of the relationship that they have with Ridge, and Eric. Ridge is implying that they were humoring Thorne.  Ridge again refers to Thorne as Little Brother, despite Thorne making it clear he doesn’t like it.

Thorne demands Ridge call him by his name.  Ridge is not going to undermine him like he has his entire life.  He’s had enough, Thorne tells Ridge.

All Agog Over Thorne

Quinn and Ivy discuss the new jewelry line.  The models they are working with are all giggly over Thorne.  Ivy says Thorne has caused quite a stir in the office, and not just with the models.  When the models leave, Ivy and Quinn discuss Thorne shaking things up.  Ivy is doubtful. Thorne?  When Ridge came back that was a shake-up, Ivy says.  Thorne isn’t domineering or arrogant. Not that Ivy is saying Ridge is, she quickly adds.

Brooke and Eric arrive where Quinn is working. Quinn is surprised to hear Thorne came home with designs.  Brooke and Eric say they are promising. Eric and Brooke discuss the differences between Thorne and Ridge.  They couldn’t be more different, Eric says.  Thorne brings people together, Ridge commands. Eric admires the men they’ve both become. But Thorne has changed.  He is now stronger, Eric observes.  Ridge has always dominated his siblings, Eric says.  But it looks like Thorne is ready to stand up to Ridge.

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