Ridge Is Still Planning His Proposal As Thorne Makes His

Thorne Proposes To Brooke

Brooke tells Thorne he is full of surprises. Thorne said kissing her wasn’t planned. Brooke tells him she loved their time together.  He has everything a woman would want in a partner.  He’s a good guy.  Then let’s give it another try, Thorne suggests.

Brooke is flattered. But she has a son with Ridge.  Thorne suggests she not get RJ’s hopes up to have them crashing down.  Ride will inevitably disappoint her again.  They, however, had a great marriage Thorne reminds Brooke.

Brooke is more worried about Thorne’s relationship with Ridge. Thorne says Ridges response to coming home has been immature.  Ridge wants to keep fighting but Thorne doesn’t.  Brooke wonders what she can do.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap December 12 2017

Thorne says he’s been analyzing his life, and not fighting for Brooke was one of the biggest mistakes he ever made. Thorne had no intention of telling Brooke how he felt, until he came home to find Ridge had hurt her again.  He wants to save her from another go around with his brother that will only end in heartache.  He encourages Brooke not to be too quick to commit to a future with his brother.  Consider your options Thorne tells Brooke.

How can Brooke consider spending her life with a man who betrayed her with his father’s wife?  Fair question, Brooke says, then she tells Thorne what she  saw on the each in Australian.  Brooke was shocked and devastated for Eric and herself.

Thorne says she’s making excuses for a man who was supposed to be 100% committed to her.  She deserves better than his brother Thorne says.  Don’t allow Ridge to break your heart again.  No more affairs, no more betrayals. Don’t marry a man who can betray you and his father the way Ridge did.   say no, Throne tells Brooke

Thorne accepted it when they broke up, but now he has come home to find this.  She cannot marry his brother. If she is to marry anyone, Thorne says marry me.

Ridge Supports RJ’s Design Aspirations Just not Thorne’s

Ridge reviews RJ’s designs. He says they are raw but them have potential.  Ridge wants to mentor RJ, recreate what Ridge had with his dad.

They discuss Thorne being back and causing trouble for him with Brooke.  But Ridge isn’t going to let that happen.  He has a surprise for his mom.

Ridge Plans His Proposal

Ivy and Quinn are choosing a ring design for Ridge to give to Brooke. They disagree which one and use a British intern to help out. He picks the same ring Quinn chose. Ivy wonders if there luck has run out.  Connections change.  Nothing is a given until it happens.

They discuss Brooke and Ridge.

Quinn takes the rings to ridge. Ridge picks the same ring as Quinn.   They have come along way, Ridge says.  Quinn says it looks like everything will turn out as it should.  He will have Brooke back soon.

Ridge tells Quinn Thorne has been making trouble for him with Brooke.  He just wants to get past this.

Nicole Spies Thorne and Brooke in an Intimate Moment

Maya shows Nicole video of South Africa.  It was life changing Maya says. The sisters are amazed by their lives.  Nicole says she has a broader sense of the world since moving to paris.  Maya agrees, she seems more mature.  Nicole says she and Zende

They discuss Thorne being back.  Maya says Thorne is staying there, Brooke insisted.  Later, Nicole comes back in.  She just saw Brooke and Throne.  They looked intimate close looking deply into each others eyes.  Nicole says she came back because she didn’t want to interrupt.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps december 12 2017

They discuss Thorne being in a good situation to get back together with Brooke. They wonder if Ridge has any idea.  Ridge is competitive with his brothers.  Even more so with Thorne that Rick.  Who knows what the two of them going head to head over Brooke will do to the family.

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