Ridge Proposes To Brooke While Thorne Proves His Design Credentials to Eric

Ridge Proposes To Brooke

Ridge is at Brooke’s house.  He has a surprise for her.  Out of the patio he has a romantic lunch laid complete with waiters. They discuss the pleasure Ridge gets out of indulging Brooke.  He’ll never get bored of it. He promises more surprises.

Ridge says all he wants for them is joy and happiness.  That hasn’t always been the case, Brooke says.  Ridge tells her that she is the love of his life.  Ridge says he has learned from his mistakes. All he wants is to spend the rest of his days with Brooke. Time is precious he says.  Ridge gets down on one know and opens a ring box.  He was hoping that Brooke would make him the happiest man in the world and marry him.

Ridge proposes to Brooke

Thorne Shows Eric His Design Line

Ridge asks Thorne how his swim was. Eric says he and Quinn would be happy to have him stay there.  Thorne says they are still in the honeymoon stage.  Thorne wants to discuss what thye are going to do about Ridge.  He came back from Paris to design with him.  Eric says he will.

Eric tells Thorne to slow down.  He wants peace in the family.  Thorne asks if Eric is at peace with what Ridge did.

Thorne shows his father a website. Aly Design.  Has he heard about it.  Eric has. It’s doing well in Europe.  They Eric realizes its Thorne’s line.  Thorne says he wanted to prove he could do this outside of the family.  Eric is impressed. Eric wonders if Ridge knows.  Thorne says only Brooke and now Eric know.  Thorne wants to work with his father.  He has a profitable line.  He can design, and he promises not to disrespect the family or the company the way Ridge does.

Eric tells Thorne not to undervalue Ridge’s contribution. Thorne says he doesn’t, the thing Ridge is missing is respect. Thorne knows his talent and worth and he’s done living in the shadow of Ridge.

Eric notes that Thorne is quite protective of Brooke.  Thorne says he cant stand by and watch Ridge treat the two people he loves most in the world, so badly. Thorne says Brooke is special, and he’s not going watch Ridge ruin her life again. Eric wonders if Thorne wants a future with Brooke again?  Thorne admits his is interested. Eric wonders if Brooke knows.  Thorne says he told Brooke.

Steffy Has a Doctor’s Appointment

Liam notes that her lightness is back.  Steffy says they are missing out on the waves.  Liam goes to get changed into his suit so they can go surfing.  They come back inside after surfing. They kiss.  Steffy tells Liam that nothing is more important than them.  Nothing else will come close.

Steffy comes out dressed.  She has a doctors appointment – just a checkup.  Liam says he can go with her. She tells him he will just be bored. Liam says he will go back to the office then.  Steffy tells him cha-cha-cha and heads out.

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