Sally Promises To Always Be There For Liam; Its About Your Father, Steffy Confesses

Be Prepared for Anything

Steffy tells Bill they are not meant to be.  Bill says he is telling her how he feels but he will do the right thing. He will be a good and loyal father.  Bill says nothing good will come from Liam knowing about that night.

The Bold and the beautiful recap December 1 2017

We’ll go back to the way things were, we’ll keep the lie going for Liam, but he can’t lie to himself or to her about what it meant to finally be with her.  Bill isn’t asking her for anything.  She feels the way she feels.

He understands that she is having trouble with the guilt but she should think very carefully before doing what she is thinking of doing.  Steffy thinks Liam will forgive her. One mistake is forgivable.  Lying about it isn’t.

Bills says there was nothing indecent about what happened between them.  If she wants to stay married he won’t fight her decision but he won’t let her paint what happened as without love or caring.

Bill tells Steffy he has a stake in this also.  He could lose his son.  And Steffy says he deserves to.  Steffy leaves telling Bill she has to tell Liam, Bill needs to be prepared for anything.

Bill tires to work, but he can’t stop thinking about Steffy.  He gets a text from Wyatt who notes neither he or Liam are in the office.  is there a crisis Wyatt wants to know.

Steffy Tells Liam the Truth?

Liam wonders why Sally has come to see him.  Is she worried about his father coming through?  No Sally says, he made that promise in front of too many people.  Sally came to check that things really are okay with him and Steffy.  She just wanted to make sure Thanksgiving wasn’t a public front.  She wants to be certain she didn’t break them.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap December 1 2017 Sally

Liam thinks in time they can be friends, but Sally says in time the things that brought them together won’t be there.  Sally does promise that if he ever needs her she will be there for him, and she doesn’t care who knows it.  Sally leaves.

Steffy comes home to find Liam working from home. He asks if she’s okay.  She says she isn’t.  She didn’t go to work.  Liam says she doesn’t look herself.  Steffy says hypocrisy will do that to you.  Liam thinks she means Sally, and tells Steffy that he was going to tell her about Sally’s visit. Liam says. Liam admits Sally was surprised Steffy didn’t take to her with brass knuckles at Thanksgiving.

Liam realizes Steffy is really upset about something.  Liam says whatever it is she can tell him.  It can’t be that bad.

Steffy is in tears.  She doesn’t want him to forget how much she loves him.  Liam asks if she’s sick. Liam is worried.  She’s crying and shaking.  She can’t pretend anymore. Liam thinks it about him, and the vow renewal. He pushed too hard. But Steffy says it isn’t.  She begs him to let her finish. Just love me she says through her tears.  This isn’t about you, Steffy tells Liam.

It’s about your father, Steffy begins….

Sally Knows the Kind Of Man She Wants

Darlita is going to teach Coco to play poker so she can play with RJ.  Darlita thinks its kind of romantic that both Liam and Sally have Spectra in their internal organs as a result of the demolition.  Darlita keeps the story going.  What if Steffy went missing?  Liam would be drawn to Sally – who shares demolition dust with him.

Sally gets home after Darlita has left.  Coco admits Darlita kind of guessed about her and Liam. She tells Coco that Steffy and Liam are okay. In fact probably happier than before because the wife that come home to him was a new and improved version.

Sally finally realizes that the next time she lets a man into her life she knows exactly what he has to be like.  Coco says Sally has got it really bad, but Sally says she now knows what to look for.  She knows the person she has to be to deserve a man like Liam.

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