Steffy and Bill Vow To Keep Their Secret To Save Their Relationships with Liam

Steffy Doesn’t Want Anything to Turn Liam Against His Father Again

Steffy is hysterical.  Liam tries to calm her down.  Tell my why you’re crying and tell me what it has to do with my father.  What happened?

Steffy says over and over she love him.  Don’t forget that she loves him.  Liam wants to know why she’s upset and what it has to do with his father.  Did he do something or say something to hurt you Liam asks.

Steffy suddenly calms down and says there is nothing to tell.  She is just really grateful and relieved.  She thought he was going to lose his father.  Liam says that didn’t happen because of her.  Steffy hugs Liam says she doesn’t want anything to turn him against his father ever again.

They hug.  Its been a very scary time, the entire family has been pulled apart. Steffy thinks they made it through though, which makes Steffy think they can make it through anything.  Liam says they are okay.

Steffy knows.  She’s just still trying to process it all and put all this behind them.

Liam heads to the office for a meeting. Steffy gets a call from Bill.  Did she tell him?  Steffy says she couldn’t bring herself to do it.  The stress is literally making her sick.  Steffy and Bill agree that for the sake of her marriage and his relationship with Liam, they can never let anyone know about this.  Its there secret, the promise.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap December 4 2017

Bill Is Distracted – By Lost Love

Wyatt comes into Bill’s office.  Wyatt seems to think he is thinking about a love he lost.  Does he still talk to Brooke?  Wyatt wonders if there is a way to put the divorce on hold.  Bill says that ship has sailed.  Wyatt still hopes that Bill can get from Brooke the same forgiveness Liam got from Steffy.

But Bill can’t stop thinking about Steffy, not Brooke.

Ridge Learns Thorne Is Living With Brooke

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap December 4 2017

Ridge wants to take Brooke to Venice for lunch.  But Brooke is distracted by what she saw between Ridge and Quinn.  It looked like they were having a moment.  He called her beautiful.  Ridge says that he and Quinn don’t have moments.

Ridge explains he was complimenting the necklace Quinn designed that she was wearing.  Ridge asks if she’s jealous.  Brooke says she’s just concerned.  It brings up Australia all over again.

Ridge starts again on putting their family back together.  Before Spencer comes sniffing around again.  Brooke thinks it odd she hasn’t heard from Bill.  Ridge says he probably just has his hands full.

Ridge asks Brooke to dinner.  Brooke says she’s having dinner with Thorne at home.  They banter about Brooke’s bad cooking. Brooke tells ridge Thorne is cooking for her to repay her for room and board.  Ridge is surprised.  His brother is staying with Brooke?

Ridge asks why he’s staying there.  He could stay at Eric’s or in a hotel. Ridge gets worked up by it.  He thinks Thorne is up to something.

Eric and Thorne Catch Up

At Forrester, Thorne arrives.  Pam says its good to see him.  Thorne says Charlie must be agreeing with her.  She offers Thorne a corner piece of her lemon bars.  It’s a special occasion.

Thorne goes into the office where Eric is working with models. The models tell Thorne they missed him.

Eric says there is something wrong with the dress, but he can’t put a finger on it.  Thorne says it’s the drape.  Its too predictable for the edginess of the dress. Eric makes the change and agrees.

They discuss that Ridge doesn’t seem to be giving Brooke the space that she keeps asking for. Eric says hat he will curb his enthusiasm for a Brooke Ridge reunion until Brooke comes around to it herself.  Thorne wishes that Ridge could do the same.  Eric is glad Thorne is looking out for Brooke.  Thorne says that if Brooke needs him he will be there for her.

Eric is glad to Have Thorne back.  After Aly, Thorne needed to be on his own to sort some things out, to heal.  And now he has, as much as he ever will.  Eric asks where Thorne stayed.  He stayed at Brookes.  He’s cooking her dinner tonight.

They briefly touch on Sheila Carter, but Eric doesn’t want to expend any energy on Sheila. He and Quinn are better than ever, just like Brooke and Ridge will be. Thorne isn’t so sure.  He knows that Ridge betrayed Brooke right before their wedding.

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