Thorne Makes Moves – On Brooke and Having Ridge Fired – Has Ridge Understimated His “Little Brother”?

Welcome Home Little Brother – Not!

While Eric and Brooke were delighted to see Thorne walk through the front door of the Forrester Mansion last month, Ridge wasn’t.  And he hasn’t done hidden his feelings.  In fact, Ridge has been downright hostile towards Thorne, sure that his Little Brother, is back with an agenda.

Brooke, unlike Ridge, took the time to talk to Thorne and show some interest in his life.  Brooke quickly learned that Thorne needed an outlet for his grief after his daughter, Allie’s death.  And he found it in designing.  Thorn showed Brooke his designs.

Later, Thorne took the designs to his father for his opinion.  Eric and Brooke were both supportive and impressed by what Thorne had achieved.  And Thorne even helped his father with the “drape” of a dress he was struggling with.

Ridge Underestimates Thorne

Ridge Insults Thorne

When Ridge saw the designs he was initially impressed, but when he learned Thorne was the designer behind them, he called criticized the designs as pretty pictures that had all the hallmarks of an inexperienced designer.

Though no one in the Forrester family was willing to explain to Thorne why Brooke had called off her wedding to Ridge in Australia, Sheila was.  Sheila explained that Ridge had betrayed Eric (and Brooke) once again, by having an affair with his wife, Quinn.

Thorne went to his father looking to understand how Eric could forgive Ridge, again, for such a heinous betrayal.  But Eric told him life was too short to hold a grudge.  Later, however, Eric wondered if Thorne was right.

Learning that Thorne was living with Brooke did little to improve Ridge’s mood. Ridge was taken by surprise when Thorne confronted him about betraying Brooke with their father’s wife.

The argument became physical, Throne pushing Ridge to the ground.  Ridge retaliated by telling Thorne though he lacked the Forrester blood coursing through his veins, he had made it to the top of his profession on his own talent and hard work.  Thorne had all the advantages DNA and pedigree could give him, but still he had no talent.  That was why Thorne had ended up in the basement, Ridge argued, where Throne could do the least damage to the company.

But as Ridge left Thorne still has a trump card to play.  Unbeknownst to any or the Forrester’s, except Brooke, Thorne has not only tested, but proved his design and business talent by establishing a fashion label in Europe named for his deceased daughter Allie.

Thorne Makes His Move – On Brooke!

Thorne has planted the seed in Eric’s mind that Ridge, given his long history of betrayal and cheating, including with Eric’s wives, should not have been forgiven. He’s planted the same seed with Brooke.

When it comes to Brooke, Thorne suggested that just because she doesn’t want to be alone doesn’t mean she has to marry Ridge.  And Thorne kissed Brooke to make his point.

Fire Ridge!

Spoilers for this week tease that Thorne tells Eric what he has been up to in Europe. Thorne suggests that his father get rid of Ridge’s Marone thuggery once and for all. By firing Ridge!  Of course, Throne has a replacement in mind.  And Thorne now has the evidence that he is capable of the job.

Thorne has played his cards perfectly.  He has drip fed his European success at just the right pace allowing Ridge to show his condescending and aggressive colors to Eric and Brooke, the two people Thorne hopes to influence most.

Will Eric give Thorne a chance at the top job?  And what about Brooke?  Does Thorne’s counter offer change how she responds to Ridge’s proposal?


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