A Bride, A Groom, A Matron of Honor, A Best Man, and a Unified Family

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 – Episode #7766

A Best Man

Ridge is thrilled that Thorne agrees to be his best man.  Thorne tells him not to screw this up. Ridge will try not to call him Little Brother anymore.  He wants peace and harmony in the family.  They agree to try to get along.  The brothers hug as Eric enters.

Eric asks if that was a hug or conflict.  Thorne and Ridge banter about coming to an agreement, Ridge is superior, but Thorne is more intelligent.  Eric is glad to see them getting on and is proud of his sons when he learns Thorne has agree to be Ridge’s best man.

A Matron of Honor

Brooke is thrilled Katie has agreed to be her matron of honor. It will be a beautiful wedding, Katie says.  They just need to make sure Thorne is on board.

Rick and Maya arrive from the airport after dropping off Nicole.  Brooke tells them they are marrying right away, and Katie is going to be her matron of honor.  Rick seems perturbed by the speed this is all happening at.  Brooke doesn’t expect him to jump up and down about this but does want his blessing.

Brooke wants Rick to take some joy in Brooke’s joy. All Rick wants is her happiness.  Brooke says he’s been her fierce protector.  Rick doesn’t want to fight her on this and hopes this marriage is everything she ever wanted.  He wanst to believe that Ridge will give her the commitment he deserves.

Thorne enters and agrees.  He wants some time alone with Brooke.  Brooke tells him today is to be positive and joyful.  Thorne congratulates her.  He is choosing to believe things will work out this time, so he has agreed to be best man.

For this to work, Thorne says, she needs everyone’s support.  He is going to do his part to make her wedding day beautiful and amazing.  Brooke tells him he’s a wonderful guy and there is going to be a wonderful woman ot there for his one day.

Celebrating Ridge and Brooke with Champagne

Everyone is waiting outside by Pam’s desk waiting to hear about Matron of honors and best men.  Eric wonders if they were hugging or if it was some kind of conflict.  A hug, they assure him.  Eric is surprised they are getting along. Ridge and Thorne joke about coming to an agreement about Ridge being superior and Thorne more intelligent.

Ridge and Brooke wedding

Ridge tells Eric that Thorne has agreed to stand up for him. Eric tells his sons he loves them.  He’s glad they have put their differences aside and is more proud of them than any other time in his life.

Later everyone toasts Ridge’s and Brooke’s relationship.

Katie and Thorne meet to start wedding planning. Thorne just thought he had to get Ridge to the church on time.  They discuss delegating to Pam.  Katie tells Thorne he is being amazing about this. He and Ridge aren’t the closest. Thorne is protective of Brooke, she’s not easy to get over.  Katie has heard that.

Thorne wants Ridge and Brooke to be happy.  Katie says he’s a good guy and there is a girl out there for him.  Thorne says Brooke just said the same.

Ridge and Brooke discuss the first time they met.  He thought she was Caroline.  Something about her just grabbed him and after all these years its still there. No more mistakes Ridge promises.  They have had quite a journey, Brooke agrees, but they keep ending up here.  Together.  She can’t wait to say vows to him one last time. To be his wife.

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