Bill Propositions Steffy While Ridge Tries To Convince Liam to Forgive Steffy

Friday, January 26, 2018 – Episode #7763

Bill Propositions Steffy

Steffy is at home.  Bill arrives.  He says he can go if she wants him to.  Steffy is sorry about his face.  She had to tell her dad, and of course he blamed Bill.  Bill wants to know if she’s seen Liam.  She shows him the annulment papers.

Bill has apologized every way possible for the repercussions, but he’s not willing to live the rest of his life ashamed.  Is Steffy?

Bill Propositions Steffy january 26 2018

Steffy feels like a fool.  She begged.  Bill admits he’s done a bit of that recently also.  Steffy is going to keep begging, but Liam said he would never take her back.

Bill says they can keep bludgeoning themselves with guilt or she can make her and her baby’s wellbeing a priority.  Maybe she should start by signing the annulment papers, Bill suggests.  He said never.

Before Liam ever existed, there was us.  I ended it because I had to , not because I wanted to, Bill tells Steffy.  I locked those feeling away.  But I hated hurting you.

Bill says he will do anything he can to put her and Liam back together, but if that is not to be, he could be a loving stepfather to her child as well as grandfather.  Steffy can’t hear this right now,  She thinks he should go.

Once upon a time there was us, Bill tells Steffy.  And there could be again.  Sometimes the best things are the ones no one sees coming.  She’s not alone, Bill is there to love her,

Ridge Want Liam To Stand Up To Bill

In his hotel Room, Liam can’t get Steffy’s confession off his mind. Ridge arrives with beer. He knows what his father did.

Ridge doesn’t blame Liam for any of this. Steffy’s error of judgement doesn’t justify what Bill did.  Is Liam going to let him get away with it.  Liam doesn’t want to have this discussion.

Ridge says his kid is going to grow up in a broken home.  Steffy went to the guest house to be alone.  Bill tracked her down to get revenge on Liam and Ridge.  This sounds sick, but your dad wants to live your life.  Don’t let him take that from you, Ridge warns Liam.

Ridge offiers Liam the place in Venice.  Liam says he should offer it to Steffy.  Ridge tells Liam that he is going to go to the police and tell them what Bill did.  Liam wonders what the charges are.  Steffy knew what she was doing that night.  She told them both that.

Ridge says Steffy was a victim for Bills quest for power. You thought the worst thing Bill would do was drop a building on your head.  But now you know better.  And he did the same to Steffy.  Crawl out of this hole you’re in, and be there for her.  Be the husband and father I know you can be.  Ridge tells Liam he is let what Bill did abusing Steffy more life changing than the love he has for his daughter.  Go, Ridge says, Fix it.

Stand up for yourself.  Stand up to him, Ridge says.  Liam says he will think about it. Ridge says that isn’t’ good enough. Liam says he can’t bully him too. Ridge needs him to see how much Steffy loves him.

Brooke Lets Steffy’s Secret Slip to Hope

At home, Hope feels like an outsider.  Brooke says its just a sensitive situation.  Hoep says for Liam to walk out on his pregnant wife something catastrophic must have happened.  Hope thinks Brooke knows what it is.

Brooke says it isn’t her story to tell. Hope sys the only think that is clear is that Steffy broke Liam’s heart, and her own in the process.

Brooke simply says that everyone though Taylor could do no wrong, but when she fell, she fell hard.  Like mother like daughter.  Hope asks if Steffy had an affair.  Brooke would call it an indiscretion.

Brooke explains about Sally and the renewal of the vows.  Hope has to believe that Liam will forgive her.  But Brooke doesn’t think it will ever happen.  A family is at stake Hope says.  More than she knows, Brooke quips.  It wasn’t Wyatt was it?  Brooke says that Liam and Wyatt have more integrity.  Hope works out it was Bill.  How could she Hope says.  It all makes sense now.  Liam did not deserve this.

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