Bill Wails What Have I Done When Liam Walks Away: From Bill, and from Steffy, But Not His Baby

Liam Walks Out on Bill, And Steffy, But Not His Baby

Liam yells at Bill to get off him.  He does.  Bill says he has to hear him out.  Liam says he’s heard it all before, how sorry he is, everyone makes mistake, family means forgiveness, and how he’ll do better, an it won’t happen again.  Bill though he meant them when he said them.  Obviously, he’ s learned nothing.  And if Liam walks out of his life he won’t.  lima spits he’s not responsible for Bill anymore, not after he slept with his wife.

Bill says awful things happen, He has to forgive Steffy, she’s carrying his child.  Bill tells Liam that he can’t let this destroy his family.

Bill tells Liam he is reminding him not what he ahs everything that makes him happy.  Betrayal by Bill and a child on the way can’t change that future.  There is an innocent kid involved.  Don’t walk out on your family, Bill pleads.

Liam gets up off the floor.  He tells bill not to say Steffy’s name.  he pushes a picture off Bill’s desk.  Bill says he needs to let his anger out.  Hit me, Bill demands.

Liam won’t. Bill was counting on Liam to reverse the curse of bad Spencer fathers. Steffy needs his forgiveness. And Liam is capable of that Bill says. Steffy was overjoyed when she found out the baby was Liams.  Bill says that told him how much Steffy loves him.

You have the gall to talk to me about obligations of family?  Liam will share custody of this child and he will make sure it is kept as far away from Bill as possible.  Liam tells Bill not to tell him how to parent.

Liam will never see Steffy again in the same way. Its gone now.  And Bill took it.  He took the most beautiful part of his life and destroyed it. Bill passed the Spencer legacy down onto him.  He too will be a Spencer man not there to raise their child.

Liam rips off his spencer sword. Liam squeezes it until it draws blood in his hand. Bill thought he had the worst father in the world.  He was a an abusive son of a bitch.  Bill could never forgive his father, but he can’t go on without Liam’s forgiveness. Stay with your wife and family.  Bill drops to his knew.  Hate me if you have to, but he is begging him to love his wife and his baby. The whole thing is my fault, Bill cries.

Liam leaves his bloodied hand print on Bill’s cheek, then turns and walks out the door.  What have aI don Bill yells on the floor of his office.

Bill Regrets what hes done

Katie Becomes Steffy’s Unlikely Confidante

Steffy asks if there is anyone she can call.  Liam?  Steffy says no.  Katie will stay til Liam gets home, but Steffy tells her that Liam won’t be back. Katie knows bout DNA testing – looking for chromosomal disorders.  Just because she saw a paternity test doesn’t mean she’s jumping to conclusions.  Why do you think I know Liam isn’t coming back, Steffy asks basically telling Katie that jumping to conclusions is the right thig to do.

Steffy wants Katie to leave.  The baby’s father is Liam, Steffy sasy.  But clearly there was another possibility.  From one encounter Steffy says. You made a mistake Katie says.  She’s sure Liam is hurting but everyone makes mistakes.  Liam spent years wandering back and forward between her and Hope breaking both their hearts.  Katie tells Steffy that she has forgiven a lot.  Its time for Liam to do the same.  He should at least try.  Katie can’t imagine anything Steffy could do to change Liam loving her.

Katie goes on to say it won’t be easy because  Liam and Bill are so alike in that they see thinks in black and white,  She goes on to say Steffy has kept Bill and Liam’s relationship alive.  Steffy has knows both of them for so long and she has a history with both.  Katie knows that all too well.  Oh my god she says.  Is the other man Bill?

Steffy says if only happened once.  You can’t tell anyone.  Katie asks if she was drinking or if Bill gave her anything.  Steffy says it was because both of them.  And she and Liam had been fighting. Steffy explains what happened with Sally, but Steffy doesn’t know how she woke up next to Bill.

Katie doesn’t think Steffy should be alone tonight.  She needs to take care of this baby.  Stefy thanks Katie for not judging her as badly as she judges herself. Katie says his entire life is ruled by his fear of abandonment. And in trying to control everyone, he pushes them away.

Steffy asks Katie to promise she won’t say anything. Katie promises and hugs Steffy again.

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