Brooke and Steffy Worry About What Ridge Will Do to Bill As Ridge Attacks Bill For Violating His Daughter

Ridge Punches Bill

Do you really think you can take whatever you want whenever you want?  She wasn’t herself and you took advantage of her like the predator you are.  You violated my daughter.  Ridge yells at Bill.

That’s not the way it went down, Bill says.

Ridge removes his jacket.  He grabs Bill by the collar and tells him he forced himself on his daughter.  On my little girl, Ridge hisses.  He betrayed your own son.  Beating him up wasn’t enough.  You had to destroy his marriage.

Ridge attacks Bill for violating Steffy

You put your filthy hands all over my child.  And I’m not going to let it go.  There will be consequences.  Ridge is about to leave when Bill says it didn’t happen that way.  She needed a friend. Ridge turns around pushes over chairs and says he has a twisted idea of friendship

You stalked her Ridge accuses.  Bill says that Steffy was there for him when he needed help and he was there for her.  There was no crime.  It was mutual, Bill defends.  Like hell it was, Ridge responds.

Bill wants a chance to explain. Ridge says Bill took his daughter to bed and destroyed her marriage,

Bill says that Steffy make Bill realize that revenge on his son when he took his company was the wrong thing.  They became close during that time. Steffy’s happiness means everything to him,  So his feelings for her are secondary.

Ridge interrupts.  Let’s make this clear.  You will never be with my daughter.  Not in this lifetime.  Do we understand each other.

Bill doesn’t blame Ridge for his anger.  He asks for forgiveness.  He wants Liam to forgive Steffy and he will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.  Bill wants ridge’s help to convince Liam to stay with Steffy, so their grandchild will grow up in a stable home.  Bill’s kids didn’t have that, and neither did Ridge’s Bill reminds.

This is bigger than their egos, Bills says.  It’s about the baby growing inside Steffy.   They cannot let that marriage crumple.  Ridge punches Bill.  Bill ends up slumped over his desk. Ridge tells him to stay away from his daughter. He’s going to the police to file charges, and Bill is going to prison.  Ridge will watch Ridge suffer for what he did to his family.

Brooke and Steffy Worry About What is Happening Between Bill and Ridge

Brooke arrives to see Steffy.  Ridge sent her, but didn’t say anymore. Steffy tells Brooke she’s pregnant.  Brooke says that’s wonderful.  Steffy agrees.  They didn’t think it was possible. But that isn’t why Liam left Brooke says.  Steffy admits Liam left because he discovered she had a paternity test.  Who was it, Brooke asks.  Bill, Steffy admits and Brooke is stunned.

You and Bill.  You wouldn’t do that to me.  Bill wouldn’t do that to me.

Steffy explains what happened on the night Liam confessed to kissing Sally. Things just spiraled out of control. She was upset, devastated.  Steffy quickly tells Brooke that Bill didn’t take advantage of her.  They’d grown close while fighting for Bill and Liam’s relationship.  She doesn’t know how it happened, but it’s the biggest mistake of her life.  The baby is Liam’s Steffy says.

Brooke asks of Ridge knows.  Yes, Steffy says.  He blames Bill, he thinks it wasn’t mutual despite Steffy telling him it was. Brooke realizes that Ridge is with Bill right now. Steffy asks Brooke to talk to Ridge.

Steffy says you know Bill better than anyone.  Brooke agrees, she asks if there are any feelings between Steffy and Bill.  Steffy says she wants her marriage back.  She’s going to fight for her family, but she can’t do this without Brookes help.  Please convince ridge that Bill didn’t take advantage of her, before something bad happens.

Katie and Wyatt Can’t See A Good Outcome

Katie and Wyatt are in her bedroom enjoying each other’s company.  Katie gets a message.  Its from Brooke who is worried about Liam and Steffy.  Katie says all hell will break lose when Ridge finds out. Steffy swears up and down that Bill didn’t take advantage of her.  Ridge won’t believe that, Wyatt says.  Katie thinks Brooke will convince him.

Wyatt and Katie can’t see a good end to this.

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