Brooke Berates Bill For His “Feelings” For Steffy While Liam Tells Steffy She Should Be With His Father

Thursday, January 25, 2018 – Episode #7762

Liam Can Never Forgive Steffy

Steffy has to make things right.  He’s too important to her.  If he still loves her and if there is any hope at all, just say you’ll forgive me Steffy asks.  She’s asking for the sake of her child. She begs him to please forgive her. Liam and Steffy hug.

Liam tells Steffy she needs to stay healthy for her and the baby. That is why she is here. Find a way to forgive me for the sake of our family.  Liam wants to be able to do that more than anything.

Liam tells Steffy to be with Bill

Steffy tells Liam that she isn’t giving up on them and their family.  What’s the alternative Steffy asks.  Maybe she can have a life with his father, Liam says.  She and Bill are more alike than they are, Liam states.  Maybe she is supposed to be with Bill, Liam says.

Steffy says she doesn’t want that life.  She wants a life with him, with their family.  Liam can’t get her and his father out of his head.   Liam can’t forget and can’t help how he feels.  He knows that is a tragedy for their family.  Forgiveness is a wonderful sentiment that the world needs more of, but Liam can’t do it.  He can never forgive Steffy.

Brooke Berates Bill

Bill is in his office when Brooke walks in. He’s already heard from Ridge and his fist, Bill tells her.  You slept with his daughter, Brooke says.  Brooke thought he was trying to bring his family together, earn Liam’s forgiveness, and instead he does this?

Brooke can’t believe he would stoop so low to get revenge on Liam.  Bills says it wasn’t about revenge.  Regardless it shouldn’t have happened, but Bill isn’t going to let anyone make it something sick and sordid.  It wasn’t like that.

Brooke realizes that Bill is saying he has feeling for Steffy.  Bill says he was going through a lot.  Steffy was there for him.  Brooke says Steffy was trying to bring their family together, and somehow he has twisted this into a romantic connection.  Brooke knows the kind of damage this will do to his family.  Brooke tells Bill, he can’t purse Steffy.  Bill says he isn’t trying to.  Brooke realizes that Bill thinks he loves Steffy.

Brooke needs Bill to explain what happened.  Bill tells her that he doesn’t have to explain to her or anyone.  He cares about Steffy and he would never use or manipulate her.  Hope says that Steffy is so distraught over losing Liam and that is Bill’s excuse?  He got carried away with his feelings?  Brooke says Bill always has an agenda.  Leave Liam and Steffy along, Brooke says.  He has better hope that Liam forgives his wife and their family doesn’t disintegrate because of what he did.

Ridge Tells Hope to Butt Out

At the office Ridge remembers what Steffy told him. Hope arrives she wants to talk.  She saw Steffy, and Hope is worried about her.  Maybe Steffy would open up to him, Hope suggests.  Hope knows Liam walked out on Steffy but Hope doesn’t know why.

Ridge is glad Hope is home, but whatever is going on between Steffy and Liam is not her concern.  Hope can see they still love each other.  Ridge thinks given their history with Hope it’s a bit difficult for Hope to help.  She and Steffy have always been rivals, so its better for Hope to sit this one out.

Hope wants to get them talking to each other. Ridge agrees it has to be dealt with, but not by her. Hope says she want their marriage to survive, especially since Steffy is pregnant.  She knows how much this child means to both of them.  It makes no sense that Liam would walk out on his pregnant wife.

Ridge says Steffy didn’t do anything wrong.  Hope doesn’t want to make assumptions so askes Ridge what Steffy did.  Ridge doesn’t want Hope to worry about any of this.  Steffy and Liam will be okay.  Ridge shows Hope the door.

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