Everyone Agrees: Liam Will Never Forgive Bill, But There is Hope For Steffy

Wyatt and Katie Reprimand Bill

You and Steffy, how could you do that to Liam?  I thought their marriage was over Bill defends.  Wyatt says it is now.  Bill is going to fight for Liam and Steffy’s marriage.  Wyatt tells him its too late.

Katie arrives. Bill wondered how long it would be.  Say what she has to say, Bill tells her.  Katie wonders what she hasn’t already said over the years.  Why she asks.  Why would you do this to your son?

Katie tells him she knows that he loves his sons.  But when it comes down to it he will sacrifice everything for what he wants.  She is the mother of one of his sons, she needs to understand what he would sacrifice Will for?

Is it because you’ve always wanted her, Katie asks.  Katie tells him he doesn’t have to answer that, she was there.  It almost ruined her. Bills says he locked those feeling s away long ago. He did not target his son’s wife. But you wanted her.  Yes, Bill says, that night.  But Katie says not just that night.  Bill agrees.

What are you doing to do, Katie asks him.  How do you fix this?  Bill will find a way to fix this.  He says if She cares, she will help him convince Liam go back to his family.  It won’t be so easy for Bill, Katie says   He destroyed Liam.

Sally Suggests Liam Forgive Steffy Like She Did Him

Sally apologizes for following Liam to the hotel. She was worried about him.  She asks him to tll him what happened.  Steffy calls, and Liam doesn’t answer.  Did something happen between him and Steffy Sally asks.  Liam tells her its not a good time.  He appreciates her concern.  Sallly says its all her fault isn’t it.  Steffy can’t forgive him for kissing her.  Sally says she ruined his marriage.  She’s the reason he’s not with his wife.

Liam says its not her fault.  Liam tells Sally he left Spencer for good and isn’t going back. He cant make good on helping her relocate Spectra right now.  He will when he can, just not now.  Now Sally is really worried.

Steffy did something, Liam tells Sally.  Something he can’t get past. Sally doesn’t want to overstep but she knows how committed she is to her marriage.  She overlooked the kiss between them and renewed her marriage vows with Liam.  Maybe he should try to forgive her for whatever she did, like she forgave you.  Liam says Sally is right.  He needs to talk to Steffy.  Sally tells him if he ever needs a friend, she is around.

Wyatt Doesn’t Understand Why

Wyatt confronts Steffy January 11 2018

At home a sad Steffy looks at the messages she has sent Liam that have gone unanswered.  Wyatt arrives, Steffy thinks its Liam.  Steffy tells him she screwed up, Wyatt is trying to wrap his head around it.  How could he do that with his father,  How could she do that to Liam?

Steffy tells him she can’t handle him hating her also.  Wyatt just wants to know why?  Wyatt expected more from her.  So did Steffy and so did her husband.  Wyatt asks if Bill took advantage of her.  Steffy is honest and says no.  She was in shock and upset, it doesn’t excuse it.  But she is pregnant with Liams baby and he wants nothing to do with her.

Steffy can’t believe her baby won’t have two loving committed parents. She’s ashamed she got so upset about that kiss, and then betrayed him in a worse way.  Wyatt says that she was going through a terrible time, but Bill wasn’t.  Wyatt thinks this has destroyed Liam and Bill’s relationship.  Wyatt thinks it will take time, but Liam will get past this.

Liam Comes Home

Steffy is alone with Liam walks in.  She’s glad he is home. She tells him she’s so incredible sorry. She loves him, and she’s carrying his baby inside of her. Liam asks if the baby is okay.  He needed some time away. He doesn’t think he’ll ever understand what she did. He also thought about the good stuff, and their baby.  Its not just about them anymore, there is a child to consider.  That is why he’s back.  They need to make some decisions about their future.

Katie and Wyatt Discuss Liam and Steffy

Later, Katie and Wyatt meet in bed.  She’s grateful for their “uncomplicatednes”. Wyatt agrees life can be crazy.  The discuss Liam and Steffy without saying what they know. The realize that they both know.  About Bill. Katie feels so terrible for Steffy, Liam and that baby.  Wyatt hopes one day they can work it out.


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