Hope Learns Steffy Is Pregnant And Tells Steffy Where Liam Is Staying

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 – Episode #7760

Episode Summary

Hope Tells Steffy Where She Can Find Liam

There is a knock at Steffy’s door.  Steffy is surprised to see Hope standing there.  She invites her in. Hope apologizes for not calling first.  Steffy asks how she is.  Europe was life changing but she’s glad she’s home.  Hope saw Liam and knows he moved out.  Hope is concerned for both of them.

Hope says she’s seen Liam.  She tells Steffy that Liam still loves her.  Hope suggests Steffy tell her what happened, so she can help.

Steffy says this isn’t the end for them.  Liam just needs space. Hope says being away changed her.  She just wanted to let Steffy know she’s around if she needs her.  Steffy tells Hope she’s pregnant.  Hope says that’s wonderful. But she doesn’t understand why Liam isn’t there. They have a wonderful reason to fix this.  It has to be serious if Liam isn’t here.  What did you do Hope asks Steffy.

Steffy says that if Hope wants to help she can tell her where Liam is staying.  The Dakota, Hope tells her. Hope head out, but tells Steffy that she will be around for the foreseeable future.

Wyatt Thinks Liam Should Forgive Steffy – For Their Baby’s Sake

Wyatt goes to see Liam.  He asks if Liam has seen Steffy.  Liam changes the topic.  Wyatt is worried about him. He can’t believe Dad did that to him.  Liam says that Bill is not a good persona and Liam hopes Wyatt doesn’t find out in the same way.

Liam marriage over

Wyatt asks if for the sake of his baby if he can try to  work things out with Steffy.  Liam says his marriage is over. He gave Steffy annulment papers already.  Wyatt thinks he shouldn’t act out of impulse.  There is a child involved now.  Liam asks if Wyatt could get past seeing his father’s hands all over his wife.  Wyatt agrees he would struggle.

Liam tells Wyatt that Hope is back. Wyatt asks how long Hope will be in town. Liam says she’ll be here for a while.  She’s working and doing humanitarian work.  Liam admits that he was listening to Hope and all he could think is that Hope wouldn’t do what Steffy did.  Hope actually managed to get his mind off Steffy and his dad for a second.  She even made him laugh.  Wyatt agrees Hope is special, but she’s not his wife.

It was a heinous betrayal, but it isn’t just about Liam and Steffy anymore.  This child deserves to grow up like they didn’t. Wyatt says the child was conceived in love, and Steffy is going to be the mother of his child.  Can’t he try to forgive Steffy?

Liam admitted to still loving Steffy.  Build on that.  Do it for the innocent child, Wyatt encourages.

Steffy Hopes and Prays For Liam’s Forgiveness

Steffy arrives at Liam’s hotel room. She has something to say.  She knows he’s devastated and hates her.  Steffy hates herself also. This should be the happiest time of their lives.  She robbed him of that joy.  She will regret that for the rest of her life.  It kills her that their innocent child will suffer because she made a horrible mistake.  Steffy wants him to come home and give them a chance to be a family.  She can’t sign the annulment papers.  She won’t give up on them.

All she can do is hope that he will say those three words.  “I forgive you.”

Sally Sees Hope as an Obstacle

Darlita visits Sally.  The discuss Spectra and Sally having feelings for Liam.  Sally tells Darlita she’s not sure how long Liam and Steffy’s marriage will last.  He’s moved out. Darlita is surprised. If Liam and Steffy are over Sally starts, you want a chance with him, Darlita finishes.  Darlita thinks Sally deserves it.

Sally thinks things keep getting in the way.  new obstacle just showed up.  Hope Logan.  They start researching her online and realize that she is a doo-gooder like Liam. They cyber stalk Hope.

Sally admits that if Liam does move on from Steffy, that she would like to be the one Liam moves on with.

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