Janaury 3: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Liam Thinks Bill Must Have taken Advantage of Steffy

Wednesday, January 3, 2017 – Episode #7746


Liam Thinks Bill Took Advantage of Steffy

Since finding the paternity test results in Steffy’s handbag, Liam has grappled with shock after shock.

Steffy tried to convince him it was just a standard test, but Liam isn’t stupid.  It just didn’t make sense to him however.  How could Steffy fly off the handle the way she did learning about Liam kissing Sally in a life and death situation, and respond by sleeping with someone else.

But that wasn’t the only shock Liam had to process. Trying to work out who the other man was who turned up at the Forrester guesthouse on the night he and Steffy argue, Liam decided that his brother, and Steffy’s ex-husband was the likely candidate.

Steffy tried to convince Liam that who she slept with didn’t matter, but Liam wasn’t going to let it go.  Emotionally pushed to the limit and under a barrage questions from Liam, Steffy finally blurted out it was Bill, his father, that she had slept with.

Liam looked like he’d been sucker punched in the gut.  He physically recoiled at the news.  Struggling to come to terms with this new fact, Liam still couldn’t believe that Steffy had betrayed him, let alone with his father.  In his distress, Liam decides that the only possible answer is that Bill took advantage of his wife.

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Liam takes Steffy’s faced in his hands and tells Steffy she no longer has to protect Bill.  If he forced himself on her, or drugged her, he needs to be held accountable.  Of course, Steffy knows the truth.  She may have been in emotional distress, but she knew what she was doing in sleeping with Bill.  Spoilers hint that Steffy is at least honest on this point.  But that won’t help Liam’s state of mind.  His sense of betrayal is overwhelming.  And he’ll be looking to take his anger out on someone. Spoilers tease that will happen late in the week when Liam and his father come to blows.

Meanwhile, over at Spencer Publications, Wyatt is visiting with his father.  He’s surprised how much Bill knows about Steffy’s pregnancy.  But bottom line, Wyatt is excited to welcome another Spencer to the fold.  Unfortunately, with the revelation that Bill slept with his son’s wife, the Spencer family may never be the same again.

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