Janaury 4: Liam Wonders If A House For His Wife Is A Fair Trade


Liam Recognizes a Guilt Gift When He Sees One

With guilt knowing away at him, Bill decides that now is the time to transfer the cliff house Liam has called home for years, into Liam’s name.  Bill, is telling himself, and Justin, Wyatt and Liam that it is because Liam is about to start a family there, but Justin, Bill, and now Liam, know Bill ‘s motive is to soothe his own sense of betrayal for having slept with his son’s wife.

Unbeknownst to Bill, as he presents Liam with the documents transferring the deed to his name, Liam has just walked out on his wife, from the very home Bill thinks he still cherishes.  But Liam told Steffy he would be leaving because he could no longer stand to be in the house where she renewed their wedding vows immediately after sleeping with his father.

A HouseFor Sleepingwith MyWife

Given that Liam no longer values the house as much as he once did, Liam remains calm in the face of his new knowledge and simply asks his father if it seems a fair trade to him?  A house for destroying his son’s life?

Liam can keep his cool for only so long before confronting his father about his despicable betrayal.  Their fight becomes physical, with Liam instigation the aggression.

Katie Comforts an Overwrought Steffy

Meanwhile, over at Katie’s house, Wyatt lets it slip that Steffy is pregnant.  After she gets dressed Katie heads over to the cliff house to offer Steffy her congratulations.  But Steffy doesn’t seem to be in the mood for celebration.  Distraught over losing her husband Steffy needs someone to support her.  She confides in Katie.  Katie, also finds the situation so unfathomable and knowing Bill’s penchant for revenge questions if Bill manipulated or coerced Steffy into sleeping with him.

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