January 5: Is the Other Man, Bill?

Friday, January 5, 2017 – Episode #7748


While in bed Wyatt told Katie about Bill’s multimillion dollar gift to Liam. Katie wondered if Wyatt was getting a gift like that also.  Wyatt joked that he was still “owned” by Bill because he couldn’t give Bill what Liam has.  Yet.

A savvy Katie, put two and two together and came up with three.  Liam, Steffy and baby.  Are Steffy and Liam pregnant she questioned Wyatt.  Wyatt noted how he had been sworn to secrecy given Steffy losing their baby last time and her fertility issues, yet somehow, he was managing to let the whole world know.

Katie got dressed and said that she had a meeting with Steffy that day.  And since Steffy was working from home that maybe Steffy needed a girlfriend to talk babies and pregnancy with. Wyatt wondered if Katie and Steffy got on that well.  Katie agreed there was “history” between them, but that Steffy didn’t seem to have any girlfriends.  Her friends all seemed to be men.  Wyatt agrees and said he thought his dad was Steffy’s BFF.

Little does Wyatt know how close that relationship has become.  But Katie is about to.

When Katie got to the Cliff house, the door was open and Steffy was no where to be found.  Katie tried calling Steffy, but found Steffy’s cell phone on the coffee table.  She also found the paternity test.  Steffy walked in through the back door while Katie was reading.

Katie asked if Steffy was in trouble, and if Liam knew about the paternity test.  Steffy broke down telling she didn’t know what to do.  Katie hugged Steffy as she cried.

Distraught and suffering from losing Liam, Steffy finds she does need a girlfriend to confide in.  And with Steffy’s mom, Taylor, absent, and Katie right there, she confides in Katie.  Steffy unburdens herself.  Until now, she has had no one to share what she has been going through.  Sleeping with Bill may have been unconscionable, but Steffy has clearly been suffering from not only the guilt but the stress of determining who is the father of her child.Did Steffy Sleep with bill Katie asks

Steffy explains her distress over learning that Liam kissed Sally, and out of her mind she spent the night with another man.  Katie supports Steffy, telling that she forgave Liam for his indiscretion, and that maybe it is time for Liam to step up and show some forgiveness as well. But Steffy hasn’t told katie the entire story.  Yet. And Katie once again, puts two and two and comes up with. Bill.

Is the other man, Bill?  Katie asks aghast.


Bill Begs Liam to Forgive Steffy

Meanwhile, at Spencer Publications, Liam and Bill have come to blows after Bill tried to stop Liam walking out of his office.  What he has done is gnawing at Bill.  He slept with his son’s wife.  The ultimate betrayal.  Bill is trying to make it right.  By gifting him a house.

And as Katie noted to Wyatt, when Bill has done something wrong, he makes lavish gifts to those he’s wronged by way of apology.  Katie should know she has the most spectacular jewelry collection because of Bill’s errors in judgement.  No doubt there is a piece in Katie’s jewelry box from when Bill had a fling with Steffy while married to Katie.  It took Katie having a heart attack to bring Bill back to his wife.

But Liam, with his value’s, seems to be harder to sway than any of Bill’s wives.  So, Bill is left to beg his son to forgive Steffy.  She’s carrying your child, an emotional Bill tells his son. Will his pleas fall on deaf ears?  At least for a while as the week ends with a tormented bill, with blood on his hands and face wondering what he has done.


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