January 8: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Hope Comes Home

Monday, January 8, 2017 – Episode #7749


Ridge surprised Brooke at Christmas with a visit from her sister, Donna for the festive season.  Today, Ridge has another surprise for his fiancé.  When Brooke answers the door she finds her daughter, Hope, standing there.  Brooke, is of course, thrilled.  And the news only gets better as Hoe tells her mother that she plans on hanging around in Los Angeles.  Professionally, she is ready for a new challenge.  Much like Thorne, she wants to apply all she has learned in Italy in the Los Angeles office of Forrester Creations.

HOpe Returns to Los Angeles January 2018

If Hope has any thoughts of renewing her relationship with Liam, her timing couldn’t be much better.  Liam’s marriage shattered last week when he learned that not only did his wife, Steffy cheat on him, but she cheated with Liam’s father, Bill.  Liam has lost everything.  His wife, the family he thought he was going to have, and his job.

Steffy is still trying to deal with the fallout of last week’s reveal when Bill turns up at her door.  If Steffy has any hope of a reconciliation with Liam, she knows that Liam cannot find Bill with her and she wants him to leave.  But Bill is trying to do the right thing and convince his son to forgive Steffy.  She is carrying his child.  Liam is going to be a father and has to start behaving like on, Bill says.   But Steffy’s only concern is that she may have lost Liam forever.

Meanwhile. Katie who was witness to Steffy’s emotional state last week and worked out that the other man Steffy turned to was Bill, wonders what to do with the information she has.  Steffy is the co-CEO of Forrester Creations.  She has been absent from the office, working from home, for weeks now.  Sooner or later, questions will be asked.

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