Liam Contemplates Forgiveness While Steffy Rejects Bill; Brooke and Ridge Want to Marry NOW

Monday, January 29, 2018 – Episode #7764

Episode Summary:

Steffy Rejects Bill

Bill tells Steffy what she is doing to herself isn’t good for her or the baby.  Its time to ove forward amd make your and the baby’s health a priority. Bill tells Steffy she can count on him to be there for both her and her baby.

Bill tells Steffy to focus  on the joy of holding a baby she never thought she’d have in her arms.  Bill will be there for both of them.  No, Steffy says, she’s not giving up on her marriage or the man she loves.  Steffy doesn’t need him to rescue her.

Steffy rejects Bill

Bill says Liam is gone.  He said never.  Bill wants to protect her.  They made love that night.  That’s what makes this so hard.  He wants to do what is right by Liam, but not at Steffy or the baby’s expense.  He loves her too much to do that.

Steffy tells Bill he’s creating a fantasy of them.  You shouldn’t be coming here Steffy tells him.  It was one night and it was the biggest mistake of her life, and she’s not going to make it even worse.

Bill says he’s sorry.  The last think he wants to do is cause her pain.  Steffy tells him that he is not the man for her.  Liam is.  In time, Liam will forgive her. She needs to respect that she is his daughter in law.  For all of them.  Bill agrees, he will try help Liam come around.   Steffy just wants her husband back.

Liam Contemplates Forgiveness

Ridge tells Liam he is strong.  Don’t let his father break you.  Go to Steffy before its too late, Ridge advises.  Ridge wants to know what is holding Liam back.  Time will fix this. Steffy made a mistake, but she wants to be with you, Ridge says. You made this baby out of love.

You can get through it if you choose to, Ridge tells Liam.

Liam agrees he loves Steffy. As much as he wants to forgive Steffy he can’t. He’s not there yet.  And he may never be. Ridge says being a father means doing everything for your kid.  He knows Steffy has never loved anyone like she does Liam.  She made a mistake, and that’s on Bill.

Ridge says he understands he can’t forgive now, but asks him to leave the door open.  Just a crack.

After Ridge leaves, Liam thinks about what Ridge said.

Brooke and Ridge Want To Marry – NOW

Hope and Brooke discuss what Steffy and Bill did to Liam. Brooke doesn’t know how Steffy and Liam’s marriage can survive this.  Hope is worried about Liam.  Brooke is furious with Bill.  Hope is glad Brooke is no longer involved with Bill.  Hope has been on the receiving end of Bill’s dirty tricks many times, but to do this to his own son?

Hope says what Bill did is wrong on every level.  Brooke is worried about Ridge.

He arrives.  Hope leaves but not before saying she’s sorry. About everything. Brooke says she went to see Bill and she knows what Ridge did.  Brooke understands.  Ridge says this is twisted even for Spencer.

That his kid, no bodies conquest.  She’s his little girl.  Brooke hugs Ridge.  Steffy is heartbroken, alone and pregnant. And Spencer keeps sniffing around.  He can’t let Bill draw her into his world.

They discuss his visit with Liam.  He’s broken Ridge say, but he loves Steffy.  He just can’t find it in his heart to forgive her.  Ridge has never been so angry with anyone. He wants to rip his head off.

Brooke has a suggestion. Lets bring the family together, Brooke says.  Its time to do this.  Love conquers all.  And maybe they could be an example for their children.  They have forgiven each other for so much through the years and yet love each other more than ever.  They  may be able to learn something from us, Brooke says. She wants to be married to him.  Now.  Ridge wants to marry her now as well.  They kiss.

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