Liam Tells Bill Steffy is Pregnant And She Says The Baby Isn’t Bill’s; Katie Comforts Steffy

Liam Walks Out on Steffy

With Steffy drying on the ground outside their front door, Steffy tells Liam through her tears that this is not the end for them

Go back inside, Liam tells her coldly. You have a child to think about.  Our baby, Steffy reminds him  No, that’s over now, Liam spits.

No, Steffy sobs.

Liam looks back at the house. He loved this place and their life here.  Most of all he loved her. Steffy begs him not to go.  But Liam leaves Steffy crying hysterically on he ground as he walks away.

Steffy looks at the house and rubs her belly.  She walks to the beach remembering the happy moments of her life with Liam, right up until today.  Then she remembers the argument she just had with Liam where he told her he didn’t know how to forgive her for destroying their life.

Liam Tells Bill Steffy Is Pregnant, And She Says The Baby Isn’t’ Bills

Bill is in his office. He remembers Liam giving him the world best Dad trophy and hoping that when he’s a dad, he is as generous and forgiving a dad as Bill has been to him.

Liam enters.  Bill says he has been looking for him.  Bill has something for him.  He hands him the deed to the house.  Its his.  Along with the property taxes.  Liam asks if that seems like a fair trade to him.  Bill looks confused.

Liam asks Bill to tell him about his mom.  She was beautiful Bill says.  Like Steffy.  We have the same type, Liam states.  Bill wonders if something is bothering Liam. He always wondered why his mom wanted to keep him from him at all costs.  What had he done that was so horrible.  Then Liam found him.  And, yes, Bill was flawed, but also a good man. Liam thought his mom had been wrong. But they’ve had their problems.  He manipulated his relationships, hit him, and blew up a building with him inside. Liam forgave him, and forgave him.  He believed that everyone has goodness in them, but he was wrong.

The Bold and the Beautiful January 4 2018

Bill says there’s clearly someone bugging him.  Doe he want a Kombucha.  There are times when Liam has loved him and hated him, but he’s about to become just like him.  All he ever wanted for his child was two parents under one roof.  Bill asks if Steffy’s pregnant.  Liam says you’re wondering, aren’t you?  Does Liam know?

Liam has been thinking about all Bill has done for him. The job, the beautiful home overlooking the beach.  He’s the father his mother never wanted him to meet. Yet here he is will this life of privilege.  Still, Liam never wanted to be like Bill.  Now this unlucky child.  He won’t be completely absentee, but Liam won’t be raising a child under one roof with its mother either.  Yes, his wife is pregnant, and she says the baby isn’t Bills.

Bill tries to explain what happened.

Is there nothing he doesn’t think he can own and take?  Bill says Steffy doesn’t love him, he wants Liam. It was all him Bill said.  Steffy couldn’t run the other way fast enough.  He can’t blame Steffy,

Liam says Bill doesn’t own him, and he will never see him again.  Bill says he can’t leave.  There is a child on the way.  You can’t walk out on your daughter or son.  Liam says will provide for his daughter or son.  And that means keeping them the hell away from Bill.

Bill says what happened is the greatest regret of his life.  It can’t end like that Please.  Liam tries to leave.  Bill tries to stop him. Liam shove him.  Bill won’t let him walk out on them and grabs him.  He wrestles Liam to the ground to stop him.  Bill tells Liam the stakes are too high.  He has a baby on the way.  Bill says he’s sorry, so sorry, as Liam seethes in anger.

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