Liam Tells Steffy “It’s Over” As Bill Prepares a Gift for Liam to Ease His Guilt

Liam Can’t Forgive Steffy – It’s Over

A shaken Liam says you slept with my father.  Can we please just move on Steffy begs.  She doesn’t remember it was like an out of body experience.  Liam realizes that Bill vowed revenge.  Said he would decimate him.  Liam quickly questions if Bill took advantage of her.  Did he do this to hurt him?  Did Bill drug her.  Liam is so sorry.  Don’t protect him, he has to be held accountable.

Did he use you to get to me, Liam asks.  He begs her to tell him that is what happened. She can’t protect him.  Not now.  Did she target her to get back at him.

Steffy regrets everything and that she didn’t stay home that night, Tell me everything , Liam says.

He came by the guest house.  He knew she was in pain. They started talking about Liam and Sally.  She thought they were over.  She just wasn’t thinking clearly.  Liam asks if Bill offered her a drink  It’s important, it could be criminal.

Steffy says, no, bill didn’t drug her. She felt like she was in an altered state, but Bill never drugged her or forced himself on her.  It was awful and terrible, but she can’t blame Bill, just herself.  She is so sorry for betraying him in the worst possible way.

Liam realizes what Steffy is saying.  She slept with Bill out of free will.  His attitude changes from concern to anger.  For weeks now you’ve been brokering peace and visiting him and defending him.  Taking his side over her husbands.  Did Bill come on to her?  No, says Steffy.  God, was it even the first time? Liam wants to know.

Steffy says it only happened once. They were just in the moment, like with him and Sally. Liam becomes furious when she compares him kissing Sally to her sleeping with Bill.  Did she want to get back at him for kissing Sally.  Steffy says no.  Steffy wants to take some time.

What do you see when you look at me Liam asks. Do you se a sucker? Someone you can betray in the most horrible way possible.  Are you like him?  Do you think my values made me weak and spineless?  No, Steffy cries.  They why did you have sex with my father, Liam yells.

Liam can forgive a lot, but you have changed us. Steffy says its not just them, she now has their baby inside of her.  We have it all.  Liam says they did, until she threw it all away. You were my world he tells her. He’s just been thinking how lucky he was.  And now he knows his father is laughing at him, Liam the fool.

Steffy says he’s not a fool, and this is not he end.  She will do anything to make it up to him.  Please forgive me Steffy begs through tears. Tell me we still have a life together.  Please.

How does he forgive her for destroying their lives. Liam wonders who he goes to work and pretends everything is great.  Liam hates him, and is afraid he might kill him.  And Liam says he hates Steffy.  Steffy says she hates herself. She’ll leave.  Liam says he will be the one leaving.  He can’t be here in his father’s house where they renewed their vows after Steffy slept with Bill.

Its over, Liam tells Steffy and walks out the door. Steffy follows begging him not to leave.  He tells her he loved her more than anyone or anything in is life.  Giving his child what he never had growing up was the most important thing he could do. Steffy begs ad falls to her knees.  Liam tells her to shut up. There is nothing more important than giving love and stability to their child, and she took that away from me, Liam tells Steffy.  You took that away from our child.  How could she do that Liam asks as Steffy cries on the ground.

Liam Walks out of Steffy

Bill’s Guilt Gift

Wyatt is astounded that Bill plans to give him the Malibu beach house he lives in. Wyatt is surprised given what Liam put him through.  Bill wants Liam to have the cliff house, but Bill hasn’t told Liam yet. Bill assures Wyatt he can expect a gift when the time comes also.  It will be a good place to raise a family.  Wyatt wonders if Bill knows.  Yes, he does, Bill says. Steffy is pregnant.

They discuss being an uncle and grandad.  Wyatt notes they’ve been trying for so long, and now its happened.  After losing the first child and Steffy;s fertility issues Wyatt understands them keeping it quiet.

Justin arrives with papers for Bill to sign to sign the cliff house over to Liam.  He tells Bill to hold on to them and have Liam sign when he comes in. After Justin leaves Bill tells Wyatt he knows his secret.  He knows she exists, but he will.  Wyatt says he wouldn’t waste his time.  It’s casual. Outside Bill’s door though Wyatt looks worried.

Justin wonders about Bill unprecedented generosity is to alleviate his guilt about Steffy.  Bill says he always planned to give hem the cliff house when they started a family,  But maybe guilt may factor a little. Justin tells Bill that Liam is lucky to have him

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