Ridge Confronts Bill For Taking Advantage of Steffy; Liam Remembers How Much Hope and His Values Align

Ridge is Convinced Bill Took Advantage of Steffy Out of Revenge

Spencer? It was a mistake Steffy says.  She slept with Bill.  Ridge says no she didn’t, he took advantage of her and he’s going to kill him.  Ridge always knew Bill was dangerous.  He beat up his own son, threw him out of a helicopter and now he’s assaulted her.  Steffy cries.

Steffy tells him he has it wrong, This isn’t a crime. Ridge is going to make sure he ends up in jail.  Steffy says he didn’t force himself on her.  Ridge says he used her.  She was vulnerable, and he moved in.  Ridge is going to make sure he pays.  Make sure he rots in jail.

Ridge Thinks Steffy Was Taken Advantage of by Bill

Ridge is going to call the police, but Steffy tells him no.  She’s not a little girl, she knows what happened. He didn’t attack her. He victimized you, Ridge yells. How can she not see that, Steffy says Bill was not aggressive, it was consensual.   Steffy regrets this happened to her core, but Bill didn’t assault her.  Bill has feelings for her, he says he loves her.  Steffy explains that is why they haven’t heard from Bill.

Ridge asks if she has feelings for him.  No, Steffy says, she wants Liam to come home. Ridge reminds her that Bill vowed revenge against Liam and him.  This was premeditated.  But Steffy keeps telling him that nothing was done to her.  Ridge is supposed to protect her, but he wasn’t there.  He’s going to make

this right. He’s going to call Brooke and have her come over.  He encourages Steffy to open up to Brooke and tell her what happened.  Its not good to hold it in.  For her or the baby.

Steffy worries about what Ridge is going to do when he leaves.

What Did You Do To My Daughter?

Bill isn’t sure that Steffy will open up to Ridge.  But Brooke disagrees.  If she confides in anyone it will be her father. Brooke says there is a lot bothering Steffy.  The sooner she opens up the better.  Bill says its between Liam and his wife.  Its not Ridge’s business.

Brooke doesn’t think any of it makes sense. Why would Liam walk out on his wife?  They just renewed their vows.

Something came between them, Brooke speculates.  Hasn’t Liam confided in him? It wasn’t Hope, so it must be someone else.  Brooke asks if Bill thinks its an affair.  Bill thinks its more complicated than that.

Justin walks in surprised to see Brooke. They discuss the annulment and Brooke moving on with Ridge.  Brooke notes that she has a feeling Bill has too and that there is another special woman in Bill’s life.

With Brooke gone, Bill and Justin discuss that Ridge is with Steffy right now.  Justin tells Bill that Ridge just blew past security and is on the way up.

Ridge arrives.  What did you do to my daughter, Ridge demands of Bill.

Hope’s Life in Europe Reminds Liam How Their Values Align

Hope says, whatever happened between him and Steffy its clearly a big deal.  It breaks her heart to see him like this.  Liam doesn’t want to get into it. Hope tells him she just wants him to know he has a friend in her.

She says she is in town for good, with free time.  Liam says he missed her.  Hope did too., Liam asks her to keep talking about her and Europe.  Hope says she sifted away from fashion for a bit.  She’s been working with a human right organization.  She wanted to make a difference. And there is such a need for more.  It gave her a sense of purpose and joy in her life.  Liam smiles.

Liam wonders why she is back now.  Hope says she missed her home.  Ridge convinced her to come home as a surprise for her mom. She’s thrilled to be home, maybe reboot HFF and maybe incorporate with her charitable work.

The discuss Hope learning to cook in Europe. She tells him she will make him some homemade pasta one day.  Liam smiles. He’s proud of her and happy that she is happy.  They establish that while Hope stayed out of the social scene, she did date.

Being on her own has given Hope a stronger sense of self and self-confidence.  She likes who she is.  Liam is glad she’s back.  Hope is too.

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