Ridge Thinks Bill Released Brooke Because of Another Woman – Steffy Prepares To Tell Ridge Why Her Marriage is Over

Steffy Can’t Talk to Brooke

Did you and Liam have a fight?  Brooke asks. Steffy understands Brooke is trying to help and if Steffy thought she could help, Steffy would let her. Brooke asks what happened.  Steffy can’t discuss this with her.

Brooke says her father has no idea that her marriage to Liam is over.  Steffy says, he will now, everyone will know sooner or later.  Brooke wonders if Bill knows.  Steffy doesn’t want Brooke talking to Bill about it either.  Brooke thinks Bill could get through to Liam.  And he adores Steffy.  More than she even knows.

Steffy says she hasn’t always been kind to Brooke.  She’s sorry.  She has a big heart.  Just keep loving her father, that is all Brooke can do for Steffy.

Brooke sends Ridge to see Steffy

Ridge Makes Peace with Bill

Ridge arrives at Bill’s office. Ridge is th3ere to thank him for setting Brooke free.  Bill says there is no point staying married to a woman who is sleeping with him.  Ridge is going to try harder to respect him because Bill is Steffy’s father in law.  He will try to be nicer at family holidays.  Ridge notes that Bill is subdued.  This is all very unlike him.  Ridge wonders if there is another woman in his life – a trophy wife in the wings. Bill says he would be the last to know if there was.

Justin tells Bill that its only a matter of time before someone asks why Steffy and Liam broke up, and gets an answer.  He’s surprised that Bill took Ridge off the no admit list. They discuss Liam and Steffy’s marriage and the potential for Bill and Steffy to make it official, and for Ridge to call Bill son.

Thorne Learns About Ridge and Brooke’s Marriage Plans

Rick, Maya and Nicole are talking about Brooke’s marriage when Thorne arrives.  He says the marriage won’t be anytime soon since it takes 6 months for the divorce to go through.  Maya says that’s true but an annulment is different.  Bill signed off. Thorne realizes his absence from Ridge’s announcement was not an oversight.

Rick tells Maya he doesn’t get why Bill signed the annulment.  Rick thought Bill would fight for her.  Nicole’s says maybe Maya was right that she has a new girlfriend.  Nicole and Rick leave.  Maya and Thorne discuss Ridge and Brooke. Maya hopes Ridge can make her happy.

Brooke Tells Ridge About Steffy’s Marriage Woes

Brooke catches up with Ridge back in the office.  He tells her that he thanked Bill or signing the annulment papers.  He seemed less obnoxious than usual, Ridge states. Ridge asks about Steffy being Brooke’s matron of honor.  Brooke tells Ridge that Steffy isn’t in a good place right now.  There is trouble between her and Liam.  Ridge thinks maybe that Steffy feels disloyal to her mom.  But Brooke says that isn’t it. Ridge decides that Liam must have been unfaithful, but Brooke says that doesn’t explain why Liam walked out.  Anyway, Steffy didn’t have a bad word to say about Liam.  She just seemed heartbroken. Brooks suggests that maybe Steffy needs to talk to her father.  Ridge heads out.

Thorne arrives. He hears congratulations are in order. Thorne wonders what the hurry is.  Brooke says ridge doesn’t want to wait.  Thorne thinks he doesn’t want Brooke to have time to think about what she is doing. Thorne asks when Ridge will be back, but Brooke says he’s with Steffy.  Seems her marriage to Liam is over.

Steffy Prepares to Tell Ridge The Truth

Ridge arrives at Steffy’s house.  They discuss Bill signing the annulment papers.  Ridge thinks its because he has a new girlfriend. Ridge offers to beat Liam up. Steffy doesn’t want to talk about it.  Steffy is afraid that Ridge will hate her if she tells him what happened. Ridge hates not being to help her with whatever she is going through.

As awful as it is, Steffy tells Ridge, you need to know the truth.

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