Steffy Admits It Wasn’t Wyatt She Slept With, But Bill; Bill Tells Justin Liam Will Never Know

You Slept with My Brother?  No, It Was Your Father

Liam asks why Steffy’s doctor would order a paternity test. Why would there be a reason to order that.  Steffy gets up and heads inside.  She needs water.

Inside, Liam wants an explanation.  It was a routine test, Steffy says.  Liam says its not true, they only run it if there’s a question of paternity.  Steffy wonders what he was doing in her bag.  He tells her what happened.  But comes back to the question.  Why did she need a paternity test?

Steffy wants to just forget it.  Liam says not to even try convincing him it’s a standard test. They only run it there is question about who the father is, and that could only happen if…Liam lets the thought hang. Was it that night?  Liam asks.  The night he told her about kissing Sally.  You just ran off.  The guest house Liam works out.  Liam demands to know what happened.

Steffy begs him not to make her relive it.  It is true Liam says.  We renewed out vows that night.  And you were so hesitant.  Liam thought it was because of what he did. Steffy says that it was him that wanted to forget about everything before their vows.  More on.  Liam wonders how he can forget what he never knew?  What did she do, Liam demands?  Was she with someone that night?  Liam realizes its true from Steffy’s reaction.

Liam says it doesn’t make sense.  She was so upset about him kissing someone and then she sleeps with someone.  Liam asks her to explain what happened. Who did he invite over to the guest house?  He just showed up Steffy says.  It was innocent at first, she doesn’t know when it turned.  She was in so much pain.  He has a name Liam says, you can use it.  Wyatt, you slept with my brother.

No says Steffy, not your brother.  Steffy lost her mind.  Steffy tells him it doesn’t matter who it was.  Liam disagrees.  She says she tried to tell him, but Carter turned up to refresh their vows.  She has hated herself until today, knowing she was having his baby.

Who was it?  Liam demands.  It doesn’t matter, Steffy says.  Liam demands to know who it was.  He pushes so hard that Steffy blurts out that it was Bill.  It was your father, Steffy says.  Liam jolts like he has been physically hit.

Steffy tries to tell Liam the paternity test was a standard test, but he's not buying it. Liam thinks he knows who Steffy slept with. His brother, Wyatt, but Steffy finally admits it was Bill, his father.
Steffy tries to tell Liam the paternity test was a standard test, but he’s not buying it. Liam thinks he knows who Steffy slept with. His brother, Wyatt, but Steffy finally admits it was Bill, his father.

Liam Can Never Know

Bill tells Justin that Liam can never find out.  Justin doubts his ability to do it.  But Bill has his silence.  Justin tells him he’s a good dad, by stepping aside and being loyal to his son.  Bill says he’s trying.

Bill tells Justin about the guilty he feels whenever Liam goes on about how loyal he is.

Bill admits for a while he did consider a life with Steffy, but he’s not going to blow his relationship with his son.  Liam is going to be with his child from day one.  He won’t deny Liam that.  His dreams and desires must take a back seat.

Justin wonders if his feelings for Steffy will fade.  Bill says he’s put them away before.  But there has been a powerful connection since they met.  Things would be different away if he hadn’t ended it with Steffy when Katie had her health concerns.  But Steffy and Liam have a family on the way.  His son deserves the best and he has it,

Carter Tells Maya She Has Options

At the office, Maya congratulations Rick for not confronting Ridge about what he did with Quinn at Christmas.  Rick says Christmas was not the time or placed, but Ridge will hear about it from him.

Rick again thanks Nicole for giving them a family when she comes in.  Nicole is in town til the new website launches.  Nicole suggests they come back to Paris with her for a holiday.  They shouldn’t spend all their time parenting and building careers and forget about each other.  Rick agrees maybe they do need to spend some time together. Nicole understands, she spends more time away from her husband than she would like.  It’s important for them to find time for each other.

Carter gets Maya to sign some papers.  His holiday was pretty quiet.  He asks her about hers.  It was great.  Maya notices his mood and asks what is going on.  She says he can talk to her.  She closes the door and asks him what up. Carter wants to apologize.  He should have handled things better when he first found out.  Maya says she’s had worse reactions.  Carter then tells her what matters is who she is now.  He misses her.  He misses “them”.  Maya says she’s married and a mother.

Carter says she has to remember what they were to each other.  They had some good times together.  The acting and them were engaged.  They were great together he tells her.  If her situation changes she has options Carter tells Maya.

Carter wonders if something is missing in her marriage.  Maya says nothing is.  She is very happy with Rick.  You’re a wonderful man, but she is not the woman for him.  Maya leaves.

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