The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: January 15 – 19, 2018 – Liam Serves Steffy With Annulment Papers

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful January 15 -19, 2017:  Liam wants an annulment; Hope and Sally will both be there for Liam;  Thorne and Rick join forces to oust Ridge

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    Liam Serves Steffy With Annulment Papers

    Steffy and his father’s betrayal has left Liam a shell of his former self.  He went from the highs of expecting his first child with a loyal and forgiving wife, to learn that Steffy instead of being loyal and forgiving had betrayed him in the worst possible way, by sleeping with his father, and that the forgiveness she had bestowed upon him (for kissing Sally Spectra) stemmed from guilt not genuine understanding.

    Thanks to a piece of paper, Liam found in Steffy’s purse, a paternity test, Liam’s life came crashing down around his ears.  In a moment, he lost his father, his wife, his job, and the family he thought he would have.

    Liam told both Steffy and Bill that they had taken the most important thing in his life from him.  The ability to raise his child how he wasn’t.  In a loving home with two committed parents.

    Steffy argued they could still have that, and thought when Liam returned home discuss their future as a family that was what Liam wanted to try achieve.  Steffy begged for his forgiveness, hoping that in time if Liam came home and helped her prepare for the birth of their child, that he would find the forgiveness he was struggling to find now.

    But Steffy was wrong.  Liam’s sense of betrayal is too great, and he can’t get past what Bill and Steffy did, and most of all what they took from him and his unborn child.

    This week, Liam removes his wedding ring and serves Steffy with annulment papers.  A distraught Steffy begs Liam not to do this and hits the annulment papers from his hands.

    But Liam can only tell Steffy that this is how things need to be.

    January 15 - 19 2018 B&B Spoilers

    Sally and Hope – Battle Lines Drawn

    When Sally turned up at Forrester Creations to speak to Steffy, Sally found Hope there instead, and being a big fan of Hope’s Hope for The Future (HFF) Line, Sally asked to speak with Hope in private.

    Since Hope returned to Los Angeles she’d heard from more than one source that Steffy and Liam were happy together, and Hope admitted that a part of her would always love Liam, but she respected Liam and Steffy’s marriage.

    But after meeting Sally Spectra, Hope learns that Liam is living in a hotel, having left his wife.  Liam didn’t confide in Sally exactly what happened, but She does know that Steffy forgave Liam for kissing Sally when they thought they were dying.  Then Steffy did something that Liam can’t get past.  And moved out.

    Hope is surprised that Steffy would do anything to jeopardize her relationship given she has wanted to be with Liam for so long.  Hope believes that Liam and Steffy can get past whatever it is.

    But when Hope asks Sally to tell her where Liam is staying so that she can be there for him – as a friend – Sally won’t tell her. Sally is doing this out of loyalty and respect for Liam.  If he wants to reach out.  He can do so for himself. But Sally isn’t going to betray his confidence.

    Sally and Hope end up discussing what might happen if Liam and Steffy split up.  Hope clued in pretty quickly that Sally has feelings for Liam.  And Sally doesn’t deny it.  She admits that Liam is a catch.  If Steffy and Liam break up, Hope says that she will be there for Liam, whatever he needs.

    Of course, Sally will do the same.  While Hope and Sally are both making their intentions known in regard to Liam, should he become single, that is precisely what is happening in Malibu.

    By the end of the week, Hope does find herself face to face with Liam for the first time since her return and offers him friendship and a shoulder.

    Of course, Sally will do the same.  While Hope and Sally are both making their intentions known in regard to Liam, should he become single, that is precisely what is happening in Malibu.

    Steffy Prepares to Tell Ridge

    Last week saw news of Steffy’s infidelity spread, as Steffy confided in Katie, and Liam confided in Wyatt.  While Sally Spectra knows there is big trouble in Steffy and Liam’s marriage she doesn’t know the cause and she told Hope Logan as much.

    When Brooke stops by to see Steffy this week, she too gets the feeling not all is as it should be when she finds Steffy an emotional mess after Liam ends their marriage and serves her with annulment papers.  Steffy realizes that it won’t be long before her father is looking for the reason for the train wreck Steffy’s life has become.  And with so many people already in the know, Steffy understands she had better be the one to tell Ridge and stop him going after Bill with a vengeance.

    Ridge will suddenly understand why Bill stopped trying to reconcile with Brooke, he’s been distracted with another woman.  Ridge’s daughter.

    Maybe, Steffy can remind Ridge that what he did with Bill’s niece, Caroline, who was married to his brother, Rick at the time, isn’t so different.

    As for Bill, he doesn’t have too many friends.  Even his bestie, Justin, can’t believe what he has done.  Justin, of course, will stand by him, but last week he got serves from Wyatt and Katie about what he did. Steffy was an emotional wreck, but Bill should have known better, everyone reasons. And Bill himself is having a hard time forgiving himself.  This week he comes to a rash decision about his life that takes everyone aback.

    Rick and Thorne Join Forces Maya turns to Carter?

    Meanwhile, Ridge shouldn’t spend too much time planning his wedding or seeking retribution for Bill destroying his daughter’s life.  Ridge has more trouble heading his was, as Thorne and Rick team up to oust the Marone from the Forrester family business.

    Maya turns to Carter?

    Rick, who has been a committed father and husband for the past months since Lizzies birth may find his new alliance with Thorne to remove Ridge is taking up more time than anticipated.  Will his wife feel neglected?  Even Nicole has offered her brother in law the advice to make time for his relationship with his wife.

    Of course, if Maya is feeling a little lonely for male company, Carter has recently made it known that he isn’t over her and that if life with Rick isn’t all she thought it would be, that she has other options…

    Next Week’s B&B Spoilers…

    In support of her relationship with Ridge, Brooke asks Thorne to find another place to stay.

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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Scott Clifton’s son, Ford, appears in a fantasy sequence as Steffy and Liam’s son.

    Hope Logan has been recast!  Annika Noelle takes on the role of Hope.  She returns to The Bold and the Beautiful screens on January 8, 2017.  It looks like Ridge may have something to do with Hope’s homecoming. Brooke is delighted, but how will Steffy feel?  She and Hope have been long established rivals for Liam’s affection.  Will Hope be there to support her ex as his marriage hits the rocks?  or will she find she has more in common with the ex-husband she walked out on after losing their baby at the hands of his mother?

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    Thorne is headed back to Los Angeles.  Ingo Rademacher first airs as Thorne Forrester on Monday, November 27, 2017…

    This week sees Maya’s parents appear invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the Forresters

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