While Brooke Quizzes Bill About The New Woman In His Life, Ridge Learns It’s His Daughter, Steffy

Steffy Tells Ridge She Slept With Bill

Ridge wants Steffy to tell him what happened between her and Liam.  He wants to help.  Steffy says what she did she regrets.  She never wanted Liam to find out.  Ridge tells his daughter that she can tell him anything.  He’ll never love her less. But Steffy worries he won’t be able to look at her the same.

But first Steffy has good news. She’s pregnant.  Ridge hugs his daughter and tells her that is wonderful news.  That explains why she hasn’t turned up at the office.  The baby is the most important thing.  Ridge thinks Liam will cool down and everything will be find.

But Steffy doesn’t think Liam will ever forgive her.

Ridge asks if Liam is the father.  Yes, Steffy says, and Ridge feels bad for even asking. You are having a family and Liam is a good guy, and he just walks away?

Steffy says he took off his ring and gave her annulment papers.  And its her fault Steffy cries.  She begged him not to give up on them, not that she had a right after what she did.

Steffy tells Ridge that what is going on isn’t about Liam and Sally.  He was honest with her, Steffy says. She was upset and ran off to the guest house. Then he wouldn’t have shown up.  He listened to her.  Something happened that shouldn’t have. Ridge tells Steffy she was distraught.  Who was it he wants to know,

Steffy cries.  It was Bill, Dad.  Bill Spencer did this to you, Ridge states.

Stffy tells ridge she slept with Bill

Brooke Wonders Who Bill’s New Woman Is

In his office Bill is distracted by making love to Steffy.  Brooke arrives, noting his distractions.  Who is she and how long has he been seeing her?  Bill asks what he can do for her.  Brooke says he’s already done it. Signing the annulment papers Brooke says there is a woman he’s infatuated with, or should she say loves?

Bill notices her engagement ring. She’s moved on.  And Brooke says that if her hunch is correct, so has he.

Brooke tells Bill she is worried about Steffy and Liam.  Brooke tells him that she isn’t herself and admitted there was problems in her marriage and Liam walked out.  Bill admits he knows something is going on there, but they always find their way back to each other.

Brooke says Ridge is with Steffy now.  Bill thinks they should all stay out of it. Brooke doesn’t think so. Brooke wonders if it is an affair. Bill says speculating is pointless. Damaged relationships can heal.

Brooke wonders if Liam is staying with him.  When Bill says no, Brooke hopes they aren’t on the outs again.  Brooke hopes Steffy can talk to her father about what is troubling her.  Bill takes a swig of his drink.

Hope Offers Liam Friendship and a Shoulder

In his hotel room, Liam gets a text from Hope.  She’s back in LA. He remembers ending his marriage then sends Hope his location.  She heads over.  They hug.  Its been a long time, Liam says as he invites her in.

Hope says she ran into Sally Spectra who told her he was going through a hard tie.  Hope is sorry.  Liam tidies his room a bit.  Liam asks how much Hope knows.

She knows how much Steffy means to him.  She has to believe that they will get thorugh it.  Just don’t give up Hope advises.  Hope says he has a lot of people who care about him, including Sally Spectra.  She’s not subtle that it goes beyone caring.  Hope tells Liam that he can talk to her about it if he wants to.  He has a friend in her.

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