With Hope Back In Town, Has Steffy Lost Liam Forever?

Steffy Fears She’s Lost Liam Forever

Steffy paces her empty home going over what happened there with Liam, finding out she had a paternity test because she slept with Bill.  Steffy tris to call, but he’s not answering, Someone is at the door. She thinks its Liam, but its Bill.

Steffy tells Bill he can’t be here.  If Liam sees him…Bill is surprised that Liam hasn’t been in touch,  He says Liam is going to be a father and he has to act like one. Steffy says what she and he did ruined everything.

Hope is back Steffy marraige over

Steff, tells Bill that Katie knows.  She saw the paternity test.  Steffy says Katie won’t say anything.  Bill think Steffy needs to talk to Katie to make sure. The only person Steffy is interested in talking to, however, is Liam. Bill says Liam can cut him out of his life and his grandchild’s life, but he has to be there for Steffy and his baby.  What if it doesn’t work, Steffy says.  What if she’s lost Liam forever.

Bill says Liam is in a very dark place right now.  He tried to tell him to go home. Steffy realizes that Liam saw Bill.  She hopes they didn’t have a fight.  Bill says no. Bill tells Steffy what happened.  Liam tore of his sword necklace and cut all ties with Bill.  Steffy says he’s just angry right now.  Bill sasy he can’t be that way with Steffy.  He can blame Bill for the rest of his life, but turning his back on his wife and child is not an option.

Steffy says she can barely look at herself, how can Liam.  Steffy says he doesn’t want to raise a child with her.  This was their dream.  And now it feels like nothing will be okay ever again. Steffy doesn’t know how to fix this. Steffy will focus on her child.

Steffy thought everything was behind them after the paternity result.  They were so close. They were finally going to have the family they always wanted.  And now she has lost everything.  Bill tells her she is going to fight for her family.  What if she loses Liam forever Steffy wonders.

Katie Keeps Steffy’s Secret

At work, Katie is distracted by what Steffy told her.  Wyatt arrives and scares her.  She is glad to see him.  She tells Wyatt that Steffy is dealing with a lot right now. She tells Wyatt that.  Wyatt wonders if Steffy being pregnant came up.  Katie says there is a lot going on over there.  Wyatt understands why they don’t want to say anything.

They discuss Bill interfering. Katie thinks he is going to get in the way, which makes Wyatt wonder if something happened when Katie was with Steffy. They talk at cross purposes about life never being the same for Liam and Steffy.  Wyatt thinks Katie just means the baby.

Hope is Back

At Brooke’s home, Ridge has another surprise for Brooke.  He has Brooke closer her eyes and Hope enters.  My baby, you’re home, Brooke says hugging her daughter.  Hope says ridge has been hounding him for weeks.  Persistent   says.  Hope says it took time to pack up her apartment and finnish up at work.  Brooke realizes this isn’t just a visit.  No Hope is home.  She’s ready for a new challenge.

She’s considering revitalizing her line. Brooke says she could have come home anytime.  Hope says Europe was where she needed to be to sort through everything and find herself. Brooke wonders if Hope stayed away because of Liam’s marriage to Steffy.  Brooke knows they just renewed their vows after Liam nearly died.  Hope says Steffy has been good for Liam.  Brooke says no relationship is perfect but they are committed and good for each other.  Ridge doesn’t think there is anything that can tear Liam and Steffy apart.

Hope cherishes her history with Liam, but being on her own means she now knows who she is.  And Liam is happily married to Liam.


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