As It Is Now, So It Shall Remain – Ridge and Brooke Marry

Thursday February 8, 2018 – Episode #7772

Episode Summary:

Ridge and Brooke Exchange Vows

Brooke walks down the aisle as the wedding march plays and looks up at the portrait of Stephanie and then back to Ridge. Thorne tells his brother that he hopes he realizes how lucky he is.

Brooke hands her bouquet to Katie.

Carter starts the ceremony.  Katie does a reading about enduring love.  Rick and Maya do a reading of French poetry.

Steffy struggles with all the speak of love and forgiveness. Eric reads from Stephanie’s favorite author.

Ridge and Brooke Marry

They exchange their “I Will’s”.

Ridge and Brooke exchange vows.

Ridge, you have stolen my heart from the moment I first met you, in here actually, the Forrester mansion.  I remember turning around and looking in your eyes.  It was love at first site.  We’ve always been connected through our ups and downs, challenges and separations, but today I give you all of my heart and I want you to protect it and love it for the rest of our lives.  And I will do the same for you.  From this day forward, I vow to cherish you and make sure not one day passes where I don’t let you know how much I truly love you

The hardest part of writing these vows was reigning myself in.  I could talk about you all day.  What you and this relationship means to me.  What we’ve been through and how much we’ve been through. I may have stolen your hear, but you rescued mine.  You are my light, my star.  Whenever I feel lost I look at you and you guide me home to our family, our destiny.  Thank you for letting me steal your heart. I promise to cherish it for the rest of my life.

They exchange rings.  Carter pronounces them man and wife.  Once again.  Carter tells Ridge he may kiss the bride. Carter presents Mr and Mrs Ridge Forrester as their friends and family applaud.

As it is now, so it shall remain, Ridge whispers to Brooke.

Wyatt Keeps Liam Company

Liam is alone in his hotel room when Wyatt arrives.  When Liam answers the door it answers Wyatt’s question about whether Liam went to the wedding or not.  Liam wishes he had it in them to be there. Not everyone gets a happy ending like Ridge and brooke.  What happened between him and Steffy was too much.  Wyatt gets that he doesn’t want to be at the wedding, but doesn’t think Liam should be alone either.

Liam says he is normally the guy who forgives, but not anymore.  He just can’t.  He keeps searching but its not there, and he can’t pretend it is, because that would give Steffy hope, and Liam isn’t sure there is any.

Wyatt tells his brother he’s still a good guy.  He’s just doing what he has to do for himself right now.  Its not going to be easy Wyatt says, but he doesn’t have to go through it alone.


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