Bill Reacts Katie and Wyatt’s Engagement AND Sally Shooting ‘Sky’

Friday February 26, 2018 – Episode #7784

Episode Summary:

Sally Shoots Sky

You left me broke and destitute you blew up my building all for that damn skyscraper.  You are not going to get away with this.  Sally picks up the gun, loads it, and fires.

Bill jumps t the ground.  You bitch you show my building, you shot my beautiful sky.  Justin runs in after hearing the gunshot.  Bill rants at Sally, you have no idea what it takes to shake me.

Bill not happy wyatt and Katie engaged

Bill tells security that a vintage gun when off accidently.  No authorities needed. Bill sends Justin to take Sky and have her fixed up.

Making a move like that on a guy like him will never turn out the way she wants it to, Bill tells Sally.  Sally says she isn’t afraid of him.  She will hold him accountable.  When he least suspects it.  He should watch his back.  Bill warns her that she just gave him the power to take her freedom by shooting at her.  If she comes near him again, he won’t hesitate to use it.

Katie and Wyatt Celebrate Their Engagement

Katie accepts Wyatt’s proposal.  There will be people not so blissful about their news.  They have to tell Bill.  Not right now, Wyatt suggests, then need to celebrate this on their own first.

They make love and they end up discussing Thorne deleting Wyatt’s test.  It was shady. Katie calls Thorne.  She asks if he deleted her test.  He admits he did.  Katie tells Thorne that Wyatt proposed and she accepted.  Katie appreciations his friendship and support, text deleting aside, so she thought she should tell him the news.

Katie says the news is out, they should get up, gets dressed and tell Bill before someone else does.

Thorne and Brooke Learn About Wyatt and Katie’s Engagement

Brooke tells Throne that Hope for the future is a prefect fit for them.  They discuss everyone getting one.  Ridge and Thorne, and Steffy and Hope.  Brooke just hopes it lasts.

Thorne shows Brooke some designs.  The model is a brunette, and Brooke wonders who she is.  Its Katie he admits.  Brooke asks when that started.  Thorne admits at her wedding, and since Katie and Wyatt broke up…Brooke is surprised that Throne know about Wyatt. They discuss Wyatt and Katie.  She couldn’t have a real future with him, Thorne says.

Thorne shares Katie’s news with Brooke.  Oh my God, Brooke says. Wait till Bill finds out.

Brooke is scared for Katie.  Loyalty means everything to Bill and once he finds out, Bill will be deeply betrayed.

Bill Reacts to Katie and Wyatt’s News

Wyatt arrives at Bill’s office to find Bill aiming the gun at him.  Bill explains what to Wyatt what happened.  So, he broke his promise to Sally, Wyatt asks. .Bill goes on a rant about making money and reporting to shareholders. Bill counts on Wyatt to understand because he is just like his daddy.

Wyatt has something to tell him.  He goes outside and brings Katie in.  Bill wonders what she is doing there.  Wyatt says there is something he and Katie need to tell him.

Wyatt and Katie have been spending a lot of time together since Monte Carlo.  They learned they make a good team.  Bill agrees.  He told them that then.  So if they want to work together again, they should send him a proposal, he has a full day and enough of it was taken up by dealing with Sally assaulting him.

Katie says this can’t wait.  It impacts their entire family.  Wyatt says, he and Katie have delveloped a relationship.  Bill still thinks it’s a work relationship.  Katei says they have been very discreet, but they think its time to go public.  Bill reminds Wyatt he has a contract with Spencer.  Katie tells him this isn’t a business relationship. What other kind is there asks Bill then he works it out.

This is why you have been running around?  This is what you have been hiding?  This is disgusting, Bill spits.  This isn’t happening.  Its stops right here.  Done.

No, its not Wyatt says.  He asked Katie to marry him.  Katie says he said yes.

Bill yells they are getting married over his dead body.

Steffy Asks Hope About Her Feelings for Liam

Hope and Steffy are discussing HFF when Steffy gets some aby flutters.  Sally thanks Hope again. Liam hasn’t forgiven her yet, but she thinks she will. Hope says that her baby deserves a stable and loving family.  Hope asks again if Steffy can be loyal to Liam.  Steffy wonders why Hope keeps asks her that.  Is she looking for a different answer.

Spending time with Liam has brought back memories, Hope admits.  Of Liam. She knows what kind of man Liam is and he deserves the best.

Steffy says she will give him that but asks Hope if she’s starting to have feelings for Liam again.  Hope admits she’s still a little in shock that Steffy turned to Bill.  Steffy says it was a mistake, lets leave it at that.  Steffy wants to know if Hope is still in her corner, because her daughter’s family is at stake.

Her pregnancy was a sign to move forward, but all the bad stuff behind her and move forward.  And the paternity test proved it – allowed her to breath again.  To allow her to focus on their future and her daughter.

Steffy asks Hope not to do anything to threaten her family’s happiness.  Steffy understands Hope questioning her. She has questioned how she could do it many times.  Steffy shows Hope the ultrasound picture of her baby.  Steffy wants her family reunited before her daughter arrives.  Hope says she genuinely wants the stability that she and Steffy didn’t always Have.  Steffy says she doesn’t need to question her devotion to Liam or her family.


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