Did Sally Spectra Shoot Bill Spencer? Spoilers and Speculation

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    Sally shoots BillBill Reneges On His Agreement

    With Liam preoccupied with his personal life, Sally Spectra has had to stand on her own two feet when taking on Bill Spencer.  After detonating the Spectra Fashions building with his son, Liam, and Sally Spectra inside, a repentant Bill promised he would assist Sally relocate Spectra fashions to a suitable building picking up the cost of doing so.

    And Sally believed him.  After all, she had Liam on her side to make sure his father followed through.  But for reasons, Sally doesn’t understand, Liam and Bill have had a falling out so severe that Liam has left his job at Spencer Publications and his wife, who is pregnant.

    When Bill constantly cancels the appointments she has made to discuss the relocation, Sally turns up at Bill Spencer’s office unannounced.  She wants to discuss the Spectra Fashions relocation.  Bill, not so subtly suggests Sally should get a clue.  He’s not going to help her.  Her deal was with Liam, who no longer works for Spencer Publications, therefor the deal is null and void.

    Sally sees red and heads to the firing range to let off some steam.  She tells Shirley and Saul about her meeting with Bill, and while displaying her marksmanship, Sally says she has never hated anyone more than Bill Spencer.

    Sally Goes For target Practice

    After her target practice session, Sally returns to Bill’s office where he has removed a priceless gun, a gift, from his safe to take home.  It is lying on Bill’s desk as Sally arrives.

    She gives him one last chance to make good on his promise.  They end up in a shouting match, Sally accusing Bill of stealing her dream.  She came to Los Angeles to reboot her aunt’s company and but he undermined her every step of the way, with scathing reviews and then he blew up her building with her and his son inside.  Just so he could have that damned skyscraper Sally yells pointing at the model that still graces Bill’s office.

    Bill yells back that she is a grifter who made a deal with his bleeding-heart son.  He’s not giving Sally anything.  He also tells her she never would have made a success of Spectra Fashions because she, unlike him, has no talent.  Bill yelled at Sally to leave.  Instead, Sally picked the gun up from his desk, loaded it, aimed and fired.  Unseen, Bill grunted.

    Did Sally shoot Bill?

    Fans are certainly supposed to believe that Sally has shot Bill.  Many are speculating that what we actually saw is a fantasy scene. But we are supposing something different…

    It is hard to deny that Bill has pushed Sally to the edge by reneging on his promise, but with the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for this week showing Bill not only fit and health but in fine form doling out threats, we speculate that no, Sally did not shoot Bill.

    Our guess is that Bill’s grunt is the result of Sally giving him a taste of his own medicine.  Bill blew up her building, with her inside.  We guess that Sally used her expert marksmanship skills to take aim at the glass model of ‘Sky’ seen gracing Bill’s office.

    Bill’s grunt is the result of Bill seeing his dream decimated, like he destroyed Sally’s dream.  Will Bill make the connection?  Highly unlikely, because this week Bill continues to alienate more members of his family.

    If we had to guess, the stage is set for one of Bill’s many adversaries to take matter in their own hands, but this week will be about setting the stage for that event.  Who will take Bill down?  Stay tuned.



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