Here Comes the Bride

Wednesday February 7, 2018 – Episode #7771

Steffy Still Hopeful

At home Steffy is ready to go to the wedding.  She calls Liam.

In his hotel, Liam looks at the invitation on his phone.  Liam rejects Steffy’s call and sends it through to voice mail.

Steffy leaves a message.  She is heading over to her grandfather’s house and hopes to see him at Ridge and Brooke’s wedding.

Brooke wedding day 2018

A Special Guest

Ridge and Brooke are at the Forrester mansion on their wedding day preparing. Brooke gets Stephanie’s portrait to hang over the fireplace for the ceremony.  After everything my mother did to you, Ridge says, he is amazed.  Today is about celebrating the past and love that conquers all, Brooke says.  Stephanie was a big impact on her life and she would be proud to have her hanging over the fire place as they exchange their vows.

Later Pam is touched that Brooke would think of Stephanie on this day.  Charlie helps Ridge hang it.  Eric and Quinn arrive.  He notes he thought the picture was going to be of Ridge and Brooke.  Pam says it was Brooke’s idea.  Eric and Quinn think it’s a nice touch.

The guests begin to arrive.  The Avants, Rick, RJ and Coco,  and Carter who will officiate. Ivy wonders where Steffy is.

Ridge Gets Ready

Eric gives Ridge a wedding gift from him and Quinn that she designed. A set of cufflinks with Ridges initials. RJ if Ridge is really going to do it.  Marry his mom.  Ridge tells his son, nothing on no one can stop him from marring Brooke today.

Brooke Gets Ready

Hope, Katie and Maya help Brooke get ready. Donna arrives with a custom designed garter. Donna is so happy for Brooke.  Katie notes celebrating the good times is what the Logan girls do best.  Brooke is wearing a set of earrings that have been in the Logan family for years.

Eric arrives to have a moment alone with the bride.  The ladies depart. He thanks Brooke for making Stephanie part of today.  She will finally get her well deserved happily ever after.

RJ has a private word with his mother also.  They hug.

Bridget calls her mother.  Katie says they need to get her into her dress. Katie tells Brooke she inspires her and she is so proud to be her matron of honor.

Here Come’s The Bride…

Rick hopes the wedding goes smoothly.  Like ours did, Maya quips.   Steffy arrives, and Ivy greets her. Hope comes to take Steffy away.  Hope hasn’t seen Liam yet, Hope tells Steffy.

Thorne asks everyone to take their seats, and Katie heads up stairs to get the bride.

Steffy asks Hope to sit with her, she doesn’t want to sit alone incase Liam doesn’t come.  Steffy gets a call from Liam.  He tells her he can’t be there. She appreciates his call.  Hope watches Steffy’s reaction to the call and takes a seat next to where Steffy was sitting.

Brooke comes down the stairs to the wedding march.


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