Hope Advocates for Steffy, Offers Liam Job; Thorne Learns Mystery Man’s Identity

Thursday February 15, 2018 – Episode #7777

Episode Summary:

Steffy Asks Liam to Ultrasound

Ridge feels guilty he’s married to the love of his life, and Steffy is miserable.

Ridge admits he should have through twice about brining Hope home.  Steffy says its fine.  She was worried but after talking to Hope, she’s not any more, Hope supports her marriage and family because there is a baby involved.

She just had to promise Hope to be a good wife to Liam.  No more secrets and no more lies. Maybe if Hope supports their marriage, she will be the bridge that brings Liam back to her.

Steffy gets a call from Dr Phillips office.  There is a last-minute cancellation for an ultrasound.  Is she available?  Steffy takes the appointment.  She’s excited to see her baby for the first time.

Hope Encourages Liam To Be There For His Baby

Liam tells Hope its good to see Liam’s smiling face. His too, Hope says.  Liam says his wife and his father, what does he do with that.  Hope tells Liam that Steffy made a mistake.  They all need to put the need of this baby ahead of everything else.  Especially Liam.

Hope offers Liam job working with her

Hope hasn’t always been convinced that Steffy deserved Liam, but after talking to her today.

Liam says its insane that given her history with Steffy that Hope is advocating for her.  Hope is trying to do the right thing.  Its what she does, Liam says.  Hope admits that if there weren’t this baby on the way, she might feel differently, but this baby will be here soon.  Can he forgive Steffy so this child has the life that he or she deserves Hope asks.

Liam is still struggling with how he can do that.  Hope wonders what is holding him back. It was the worst betrayal imaginable, Liam says.  Every time he looks at his wife, he sees his father.  Think of that child, Hope advices.  He will eventually be able to see past the betrayal.

But its up to Liam and whatever he decides, Hope will be there for him.  Liam smiles.  He is so glad she is back in LA.  They need to get him out of this room, Hope says.  Liam can’t go back to Spencer Publications.  Hope says she came back to restart Hope for the Future not just for the fashion line, but for the philanthropic donations.  Would he be interested in running that part of the business Hoep wonders.

Liam gest a call from Steffy.

She is going to the Doctors office for an ultrasound. So we can see the baby already Liam says.  Steffy hopes he will come. Liam thanks her for letting him know.  He hangs up.

Hope says you’re going to go, aren’t you?  You should. Liam tells her she is a good friend to him.

Maya Encourages Katie to Enjoy Thorne’s Attention

Maya stops by with some stuff Katie can work on from home.  Katie says she’s taking a personal day.  She’s having issues with her love life. Maya is surprised.  Most women would be thrilled to have Thorne Forrester interested in them.  Or is it the rumored mystery man?  Maya says then there is nothing holding her back from Thorne.  Maya saw Thorne kiss her.

The breakup with Mr Mysterious seems to have hit Katie hard, but she has a gorgeous man interested in her to help her take her mind off that.  Maya knows what she would do. She deserves to be appreciated and have fun, Maya suggests.

Thorne Learns Katie’s Mystery Man’s Identity

Working out on the Sky Lounge, Rick tells Thorne he’s impressed how Thorne stepped up at the wedding. There is no fighting destiny, Thorne notes. Thorne admits it was easier to do with his sights set elsewhere.  Rick starts guessing whi8ch model Thorne is interested in.  Thorne says there is another guy in the picture who in not a model.  Or at least there was.

Rick questions Thorne about who the new lady is.  Thorne admits he’s known her for many years, but recently started to see her differently.

A phone rings.  Its not Ricks, then Thorne pulls out his phone to see a message.  Its from Wyatt,  Already miss you.  Maybe we need to rethink this breakup Katie.  Thorne realizes he has Katie’s phone.  And now he knows who her mystery man is

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