Hope and Liam Share Steffy’s Valentine’s Gift to Liam

Wednesday February 14, 2018 – Episode #7776

Episode Summary:

Does Hope Want Liam Back?

Please tell me you are not taking advantage of the situation, Steffy asks Hope.  Hope says Liam asked to see her its as simple as that.  And there is a child involved. Her child shouldn’t suffer for Steffy’s mistake, Hope says.

Hope asks about Bill.  Steffy admits Bill doesn’t think it was a mistake.  He wants them to run off together.  Hope asks if that is what Steffy wants to do.  Steffy tells her emphatically that she wants her husband back.  Then she asks Hope if she’s planning to take Liam away from her.  Does she want Liam back, Steffy asks.

Hope Liam Steffy Valentines day

Hope wanted a life with Liam for so long, but Hope couldn’t live with herself if she took advantage of this situation.  In a few months she will have a baby, and hopefully Liam too.  Hope tells her to stay away from Bill.  She supports Steffy, her marriage and her child.  If it weren’t for the baby, she wouldn’t be, Hope admits.  Don’t mess up, Hope tells Steffy.

Steffy asks Hope to give Liam a valentine from his wife. Hope takes it and heads out to meet Liam.  As she leaves, Steffy tells Hope she’s glad she’s home.

Hope Plays Matchmaker for Steffy

Hope arrives at Liam’s hotel room and learns that Ridge came over to defend Steffy.  Hope asks if he’s okay.  Liam says he’s lost so much and he has a baby on the way, and all the joy is gone.  Hope suggests talking to someone professionally.  He’d rather not talk to a stranger, if a friend is available.  Someone who’s values he admires and advice he can trust.  Does she understand what he’s saying, Liam asks.

She’s glad he still feels like he can turn to her.  She feels the same way about him.  She tried forgetting him, but it didn’t work. It turns out there is no other Liam.  It feels good they can still call each other friends.  Liam agrees not a lot of people can say that.

It kills Hope to see him this unhappy.  He can always turn to her, Hope tells Liam.

Hope says Steffy isn’t giving up on him, and they have a family now.  Hope admits Steffy asked her about her intentions with Liam.  Hope admits part of her would like to try picking up where they left off, but that can’t happen now.  Because of the baby, Liam asks.  Hope says its one of many reasons.  Hope is convinced Steffy will never do this again, and wonders if it isn’t worth a try.

Hope gives him the valentines gift from Steffy.  Liam jokes about Hope playing matchmaker for Steffy.  Hope just wants what is best for his family and for Liam.  The share the heart shaped candy bearing messages like “Be Mine” and “Love You”.

Ridge and Brooke Celebrate Valentine’s Day

At home, Ridge presents Brooke with a Valentines gift. A brooch given to Stephanie on her 20th wedding anniversary.  Brooke thanks him.  She has something for him also.  She comes back into the room wearing red lingerie.  They celebrate Valentines Day.

Maya and Rick Celebrate Valentines Day

Pam offers to look after Lizzie. Rick and Maya contemplate enjoying their alone time. Rick has taken care of all the arrangements.

They end up in the steam room.  They enjoy spending time alone together.  Rick has a gift for Maya. It’s a heart locket containing a picture of their family.


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