Hope Confronts Steffy While Ridge and Brooke Invite Liam AND Steffy To Their Wedding

Thursday, February 1, 2018 – Episode #7767

Steffy Doubts Ridge and Brooke’s Plan

Brooke and Ridge are wedding planning at her house. Botha re happy that Thorne agreed to be best man.  Ridge thinks that Thorne and Katy make a cute couple. But Brooke reminds him that Katie is involved with Wyatt.

Steffy arrives.  There has been no progress with Liam.  Ridge tells her that he and Brooke are getting married right away, and they want her and Liam to be there – together.  Steffy tells Ridge she can’t be part of it.  Liam won’t be there. He said he would never forgive her.

Ridge and Brooke suggest they help her. Ridge isn’t giving up on her marriage.  Steffy isn’t either, but perhaps Liam has.  Brookes doesn’t believe that. Ridge thinks since they still love each other, they can work this out.  He will do everything in his power to help.  Ridge hugs his daughter.

HOpe confronts Steffy

Sally Supports Liam

Sally visits Liam.  She comes with baked goods from Grams. Though he wasn’t expecting company, Liam is glad she came.  Liam doesn’t want to complain to Liam because he dropped the ball on helping her get Spectra back on its feet. Sally will take care of it – she’s not letting Bill forget his promise.  He has done enough, but she is touched that its on his mind.  She asks about Steffy and says she hopes things work out for him and Steffy.  Good things happen to good people. But if its not to be, she hopes one day he can move on.

Sally tells Liam that he knows how she feels about him.  But she has just come over to be supportive, not make things more difficult. Liam tells Sally she has been a good friend to him.  Sally tells him that whoever he ends up with she hopes they know how lucky they are to have his love.  She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Wyatt and Hope Come Face to Face

Wyatt walks into an office at Forrester and comes face to face with Hope. They have a clumsy conversation about work and Hope never being at work when Quinn is. They agree it is a little awkward.

They discuss her not being able to stay in LA.  Everywhere she looked there were painful memories of what she lost.  But it wasn’t Wyatt she was trying to get away from.

Hope is helping plan Brooke’s wedding. Hope notes that Wyatt knows a lot about this wedding.  Wyatt says his mom is his source since its at the house.

How Could you Steffy?

At the cliff house, Hope arrives to see Steffy. She couldn’t understand what would make a man like Liam walk out on his pregnant wife.  But when she found out from her mother what happened.  It all made sense.  You and Bill.  How could you, Steffy?

Steffy doesn’t need Hope telling her what she did wrong, and she doesn’t owe Hope any explanations. Steffy questions Hope’s motives.  Stay out of it, don’t interfere, Steffy says,. IF they can’t work it out, it will have nothing to do with her, Hope states.  Steffy may have done the one think Liam can never forgive.

A Wedding Invitation

Ridge and Brooke visit Liam. Liam tells them that this is for him and Steffy to work out.  Ridge says they aren’t doing that.  Your father did this, Ridge says. Liam has to try restore his family for his child, Ridge says.  Brooke and Ridge are a testament of what is possible with forgiveness.  Liam is happy for them but doesn’t see what that has to do with him and Steffy. Ridge wants Liam to be by Steffy’s side when Ridge and Brooke marry. Come t our wedding with Steffy, Ridge asks.


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