How Did Hope Lose Her Baby?

Looking for Baby Beth’s Death?

How did hope lose baby

When Hope and Liam learned that Quinn Fuller was responsible for Liam not making his prearranged meeting with Hope in Paris, Hope was ready to walk out on her marriage to Wyatt.

Quinn Pushed Ivy in the Seine

Unbeknownst to any one, Quinn had followed Liam and Ivy to Paris and planned to prevent Liam from meeting Hope at the Eiffel tower.  From there, Hope and Liam had planned to elope.  Instead, Liam missed his appointment with Hope, when Ivy fell into the Seine.  Liam, jumped in to the Seine after Ivy when she showed signs of struggling in the water.  He pulled Ivy to safety, then at Ivy’s insistence ran to where he was to meet Hope.

Liam was late and Hope was no longer there.

Wyatt Whisked Hope off to Monte Carlo

When Liam had failed to show, Wyatt took advantage of the situation and reminded Hope how many times Liam had let her down.  And how he never had.  Wyatt quickly whisked Hope off to Monte Carlo where Wyatt convinced Hope to marry him on Bill Spencer’s yacht, the Stella Maris. The captain married Wyatt and Hope and they took a “leap of faith” off the back of the Stella Maris into the water and married life.

When Hope and Wyatt returned to Los Angeles, Hope learned why Liam had been late.  Hope chose to stay committed to her wedding vows.

Quinn’s Manipulation Exposed!

Eventually, with the help of Charlie, the security guard at Forrester Creations, Liam learned that Quinn Fuller had followed him and Ivy to Paris and had been responsible for pushing Ivy off the bridge and into the Seine.  When he took this information to Hope, she was livid that Quinn had interfered in her life and manipulated her into marriage to Wyatt.

Hope Is Pregnant!

Hope was ready to walk out on her marriage to be with Liam.  She had something to do first.  That something as a pregnancy test that turned out to be positive. Though Liam tried to convince Hope that they could raise her and Wyatt’s child together, Hope couldn’t do that.

Like Liam and Wyatt, she had been raised without her father present in her life.  She wanted more for her baby.  So, Hope recommitted to Wyatt. Hope eventually told Wyatt he was going to be a father but had some stipulations.  His mother, Quinn, would not be part of their child’s life.  Hope considered her dangerous and manipulative and wouldn’t put her child in harm’s way.

Wyatt struggled to keep Quinn away and a war broke out between Quinn and Hope.  And as her pregnancy progressed Hope became more frightened of Quinn who took whatever opportunity she could to be around her grandbaby (Quinn disguised herself in scrubs and protective medical gear, so she could be present at Hope’s first ultrasound!

Tragedy Strikes

Quinn was warned by Liam, Bill, and Deacon (who was now involved with Quinn) to stay away from Hope, but Quinn didn’t listen.  Bill finally convinced Wyatt to take the threat of his mother seriously and had a restraining order taken out against Quinn.

But before Wyatt could serve his mother, Quinn turned up at Hope’s baby shower by breaking into the mansion.  Though unseen, Quinn’s presence was detected when she sliced herself a piece of cake.

Later, when Hope was alone at Brooke’s home, Quinn turned up to talk to her daughter in law. An argument ensued.  Quinn just wanted to tell Hope in person that she was going to give her the space she wanted. Hope found it ironic that Quinn had to do that in person.  She could have called or texted.  The confrontation ended peacefully enough, and Quinn turned to leave.  Hope sat down to recompose herself after the confrontation.

When she stood, she twisted her ankle in her high heel and tumbled down the stairs in Brooke’s yard.  Hope lay lifeless at the bottom.  Quinn saw and rushed to where Hope lay.

By this time, Liam arrived.  He pushed Quinn away, picked up Hope and rushed her to the nearest hospital.  But it was too late.  The fall had dislodged the placenta and her baby had been denied oxygen.  Hope had lost her and Wyatt’s son.

Hope Leaves Los Angeles

Losing their baby, was the death knell for Hope and Wyatt’s marriage.  Hope left Los Angles to go to Italy to be with her mother.  When she left, it was Liam that she kissed goodbye, later divorcing Wyatt by mail.



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