It’s a Girl For Liam and Steffy!

Friday February 16, 2018 – Episode #7778

Episode Summary:

Brooke is Proud of Hope

At home Hope tells Brooke and Ridge she urged Liam to go to the ultrasound appointment.  Ridge calls Steffy.  Liam isn’t there yet.  She has to go.  Brooke doesn’t think Liam will miss seeing his child for the first time.  Ridge is about to go to the doctor’s appointment to be with Steffy when Steffy texts that Liam is there.  Ridge shares the news with Brooke and Hope.

Ridge and Hope disagree on whether Steffy was taken advantage of not.  Hope says she wants to help, not interfere with the marriage, as long as Steffy remains loyal to Liam.

Brooke tells Hope that what she did was incredibly unselfish.  Especially after what Steffy did.  Hope admits it was hard. But Liam and Steffy are having a child and that has to be the priority.  Hope believe Steffy really regrets what happened.  Brooke is proud of Hope and hugs her.

It’s a Girl!

Steffy is at her obstetrician’s office for an ultrasound.  She hopes Liam is on the way,  She wants them to be together when they see the baby for the first time,

Steffy speaks with Ridge.  There is a knock at the door.  Steffy thinks its Dr Phillips, but it is Liam.  She is happy he came.  Liam is glad she called him.  Its important.  Liam wants to make sure the appointment wasn’t urgent.  Steffy tells him its just because the doctor had a cancellation.  It means a lot that he came.

Steffy and Liam Baby GIrl

The doctor arrives. She wants to closely monitor the baby’s progress given her fertility issues in the past.  The doctor asks if she has felt the baby move.  Fluttering she mentions.  Liam is surprised.  She begins the ultrasound and they see their baby. Steffy takes Liam’s hand. Their baby looks healthy the doctor tells.  Do they want to know the sex, the doctor asks?  Liam and Steffy do.  Say hello to your little baby girl, Dr Philips tells them,  Liam and Steffy are overjoyed and emotional.

Our little girl Steffy says as they look at the ultrasound.  Steffy feels so guilty that what she did could harm her baby’s future.  She’s consumed with regret. Feels like she doesn’t deserve to feel joy again.  Their daughter needs her parents.  She needs to know before the  baby is born if they can be living under the same roof again,  She knows everything seems wrong right now, but their baby is perfect.

Steffy asks Liam again,  not just for her, but for their baby,  Can he find it deep in his amazing heart to have forgiveness.  Please forgive me Steffy begs.  Liam looks at the ultrasound picture of their baby.

Thorne Knows the Mystery Guy Is Wyatt

Thorne realizes that Wyatt is the man in Katie’s life.  He gets a call from himself.  Its Katie telling him that she thinks he has her phone.  Thorne must have grabbed her phone earlier.  He’ll drop it by. Thorne deletes the message from Wyatt!

At Katie’s house they switch phones.  Thorne tells her he worked out who her mystery man is.  Wyatt Spencer.  Katie is surprised he knows. He’s like your step son, Thorne says,  katie is defensive.  Her marriage to Bill ended a long time ago.  Thorne wonders if Bill knows. Katie says he would be ballistic if he found out and it would compromise Wyatt’s career and relationship with his father.  It’s better that its over Katie says.  She will get over it.  Thorne offers to help her with that.

Thorne can help Katie forget about him if she’ll let him.  They kiss.

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