Liam Feels Pressured by Everyone, Except Hope

Tuesday February 6, 2018 – Episode #7770

Will Liam Go To The Wedding With Steffy?

Liam tells Hope he misses this.  Her presence and point of view.  He thanks her for listening.  What they did to you, your father and Steffy, you’ll rise above, Hope assures Liam.  Hope can’t believe Steffy did what she did after fighting so hard to be with Liam.  Liam wishers there was a n excuse for what Steffy did, but there isn’t.

Liam wonders if Steffy wanted his father all along. Hoe suggests he not go there.  Liam doesn’t think he will ever get entirely past this.  They now have to raise their child together, he’s tied to Steffy for life and every time he looks at her, its going to be there.  He loves that he is going to be a father.  Hope says that she will also just be there, as a friend.

Liam pressured by steffy

Liam appreciates that Hope is just there to listen to him, not pressure him.  Liam says Brooke, Ridge and Steffy has been pressuring him to go to the wedding with Steffy.  Hope advises him to only worry what is right for him.

Liam wonders if he should just put on a fake smile and go to the wedding with Steffy.  Hope says maybe pretending could help him down the path to forgiveness.  He should do what is right for him Hope reiterates.

Liam thanks her for coming home.  Later Liam gets a text from Steffy.

Steffy Pressures Liam

Ridge turns up at Steffy’s house to check on her even though it’s the night before her wedding. Steffy doesn’t think Liam is ready emotionally to go tot eh wedding with her.

Steffy isn’t giving up.  She can’t blame Liam for not being ready to forgive her, but she has a baby to fight for now. She can’t give up.  Ridge hugs his daughter.

Steffy texts Liam telling hit would mean a lot if he would go to the wedding with her and let Brooke and her dad be an example for them.  Steffy things about their wedding in Australia.

Ridge and Brooke’s Last Night Single

Thorne arrives at Brooke’s house to see Ridge, but he’s not there. He claims to have learned the hard way in the past that there is no coming between Ridge and Brooke.  This time he’s chose to bow out gracefully.  Brooke wonders if that has anything to do with Katie.  Thorne says they have been planning together, but Brooke thinks they make a cute couple.  Should she toss the bouquet to Katie, Brooke wonders.  Thorne says he wouldn’t be the one to benefit, it will be her mystery guy.  Brooke says since he’s a mystery he’s clearly not he right guy for Katie.

Thorne wishes Brooke luck for tomorrow.  She deserves her happily ever after Thorne tells her and leaves.

Ridge arrives back home.  They discuss Liam and Steffy and agree that forgiveness is always possible.  Tomorrow is about them Ridge says so he only wants people at his wedding who want to be there.  They kiss after discussing becoming man and wife again.

Brooke is excited to become his wife again, in the place where they met.  He’s going to put a ring on her finger of the only woman who really understands him.  He saw that in her the first time he saw her. He thinks he’s finally the man she deserves. They kiss.

Wyatt and Katie Agree To Keep Things No Strings Attached

Wyatt tells Katie he saw Hope, and asks if Katie is jealous.  Kate says no.  Wyatt says that is good, because they aren’t in that time of relationship – right.  Yes, Katie agrees, then Wyatt asks her if she needs a date for the wedding.  It could be there coming out party, Wyatt suggests.

But Katie doesn’t want to make Ridge and Brooke’s day about then.  And is her really ready for Bill to find out about them.  Wyatt agrees maybe its not the best idea, then he asks Katie if there is another reason why Katie doesn’t want him to go with her.

Wyatt says this secret relationship scenario is fun and they can keep it going as long as they want to.  But what is he supposed to do while she’s at the wedding. Wyatt considers hanging with Liam but Katie tells him that Ridge and Brooke are trying to convince him to go with Steffy.  They both think its too soon then turn their attention back to their relationship.

After making love Katie asks if he’s disappointed about not going to the wedding as his date.  Wyatt says no, if one day they want to be more than they are that’s fine, but what they are is uncomplicated, and he’s cool with the way things are. NSA – no strings attached.


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