Liam Rejects Steffy But Is Glad To See Hope, Thorne and Katie Flirt

Monday, February 5, 2018 – Episode #7769

Liam No Longer Sees Steffy The Same Way

Steffy argues that she and Liam have to be seen together in public sooner or later.  Why not now.

Liam admires that Ridge and Brooke keep singing up for the same kind of pain when they know how bad it can get.  Steffy says their love is stronger than the pain.

Liam tells Steffy he can’t get past what she did with his dad, and just asks her to leave.  He tells Steffy to give her dad and Brooke the best for him.

Steffy wonders how they meaningfully co-parent if they can’t even stand to be in the same room as each other.  Maybe the wedding tomorrow can be the first step to them working towards that.

Liam says he’s been clear on what he wants yet Steffy can’t oblige, so how can they leap straight into co-parenting. They should work on co-existing.  Steffy says she can’t just pretend her marriage to him didn’t exist by signing annulment papers.  How does she do that to her child.  Liam says he’s trying to find his way through a place he never thought he would be.  Steffy gets it,.  She disgusts him.  She disgusts herself.  But she refuses to say they are over.

After Steffy has gone, Hope arrives with food. She made his a sandwich. He thanks her for the tomato pesto panini.  She figured it was hard being a vegetarian away from home.  He agrees he is currently between addresses.  Hope says Steffy and his father, she managed to drag it out of her mother. She asks if he knows what he is going to do.  Liam says that depends on Steffy,  If she signs the annulment papers he left for her.  Hope says history shows Steffy doesn’t let go easily.  Liam says he can’t look at Steffy in the same way.

Liam has agonized every time someone knocked on the door, until it was her.  Its easier to talke to Hope than anyone. Liam can count on her for that, Hope says.  It kills her that he isn’t happy.  They hug.  She is there for him for as long as he needs a friend.

Hope Admits Liam Is The Love of Her Life

Hope accuses Brooke of match making. She still had feelings for Liam when she left and Brooke wonders if Hope still loves him now. Hope says he was a huge part of her life and always will be.  Hope asks Brooke to stop asking questions she already knows the question to.

Does Hope still love liam?

Hope kept her distance because she didn’t want to be the ex who couldn’t let go.  Hope can’t not care when Steffy did this to Liam.

Hope and Brooke discuss that Steffy owns what happened with Bill despite Ridge believing Steffy was taken advantage of.  They discuss how many horrible things Bill has done, but Hope notes that Steffy isn’t the victim here, Liam is.

Hope thinks Steffy and Liam are mismatched, and it worries her that they are having a baby together. Brooke wonders if Hope wishes it was her having a baby with Liam.  She knows Liam will always be the love of her life.

Thorne and Katie Flirt and Bond

Thorne and Katie discuss that she has done this before being Brooke’s sister.  Thorne jokes about being the second-best man.  Thorne thinks he will go the NSA – no string attached route – like Katie has gone with her stealth non-boyfriend. Thorne wonders where to look for someone like that. Katie suggests a dating app. But Thorne says the women swiping on the app won’t be as beautiful of sophisticate as a matron of honor he knows.

Katie assumes Thorne will be flying in some sophisticated woman from Europe.  Thorne says first dates aren’t really his thing.  Since it invariable comes up quickly that he is a widow and lost his daughter.  Second and third dates are fine, but he never seems to get that far.  Katie tells Thorne she will be stag tomorrow at the wedding also, so they can work on his small take for first dates.

Thorne asks why the mystery guy isn’t escorting her to wedding tomorrow.  Katie says it would be hard to keep him a mystery then.  Thorne asks is her mystery guy would be upset if he drinks and dances with Katie tomorrow.  Not at all Katie says.

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