Ridge and Bill Both Warn Against Hope and Liam Spending Too Much Time Together As Liam Start Work On HFF

Wednesday February 21, 2018 – Episode #7781

Episode Summary:

Bill Thinks Hope Spending Time with Liam is Trouble

Wyatt is at Spencer telling Bill that he is going to have a granddaughter.  Wyatt says that Liam went to the ultrasound appointment with Steffy.  Bill interrogates Wyatt about Wyatt and Steffy.  Wyatt says he’s not going to tell him anything about Liam and Steffy given he is the cause of their problems.  Wyatt thinks Liam and Steffy could reconcile, but reconciling with Bill is a much more distant prospect.

Bill understands he’s the town pariah but he has a right to be involved in his granddaughter’s life. Wyatt suggests Bill not play that angle right now.

Bill wants a copy of the ultrasound picture. He wants Wyatt to organize it using his mystery woman.  Wyatt says they broke up.  He’s not taking part in any fraudulent schemes to get him an ultrasound picture.

Bill is just glad that Liam had the good sense to go to the ultrasound appointment. Wyatt tells Bill that Hope got Liam to go to the ultrasound appointment.  Liam has been leaning on her a lot lately.  That can’t be good, Bill states.

Wyatt wonders what Bill has against Hope. Wyatt says Hope is trying to help Liam put his family back together.  Bill isn’t buying it.  No one is that good.  Steffy needs to watch her back.

Wyatt doesn’t think Steffy and Liam want marital advice from Bill.  He’s aware of this.  But they do want jobs, money and beach houses. Wyatt wonders about Bill’s motives. After all, what happens if Steffy can’t salvage her marriage.

Ridge Warns Steffy About Hope Spending Time With Liam

Steffy shows her Dad the ultrasound picture. Liam has one also.  Steffy can’t believe that she owes it all to Hope that Liam even came and that she has hope for a reconciliation.

Steffy thinks hope has nothing to gain

Ridge agrees Hope is a good person but warns Steffy about Hope.  Good people do good things for good reasons, but it is their reasons, not ours, Ridge warns.  They want to be seen is a certain light. Steffy doesn’t think that Hope has anything to gain by helping Steffy stay in her marriage.  Hope probably isn’t doing underhanded, but Ridge recommends Steffy is mindful of the time Hope spends with Liam.

Steffy says Hope has been nothing but gracious.  Ridge isn’t trashing her.  Hope and Liam had a pretty deep connection once. Just be careful, Ridge advises.

Steffy says she doesn’t have many defenders right now. She has to rely on Hope.  Ridge worries that somewhere down the line something may shift Hope’s focus on how much she lost, and that she could get Liam back.

Relaunch of Hope For The Future

Hope heads the first meeting to relaunch the HFF line.  Katie wonders if they have a designer.  Rick says Ridge chose Thorne.  Katie quips what a little best manning can do, and smiles at Thorne.  Thorne jokes back that he was promoted on merit, not because of his role in the wedding party. Hope brings them all to order.

They discuss their target generation – the millennials.  Thorne asks if he is too old for this job.  Hope thinks the question is good.  She wants this to be about inclusion. Hope wants the millennials to see what matters to them – sustainability, care for hiring, some of profits to non-profits.  nd she has the perfect consultant in mind.

Later, Liam calls Hope. She congratulates Liam on his baby girl.  Liam has been thinking about her offer and is keep to work on Hope For the Future to give him some direction.  He has some ideas for her but doesn’t want to come to Forrester.  Hope understands and tells him she’s on her way over.

Hope Becomes Emotional Seeing Baby Ultrasound

Liam is glad Hope convinced him to go to the ultrasound appointment.  He’s glad he got to meet his daughter.

Liam thinks about helping Hope with the philanthropic activities of HFF.  He opens up his computer.

She arrives in record time and Liam and Hope banter about him driving lke a little old lady, and her speeding.

Liam shows Hope what he has been working on. While Liam is going on about charities, Hope spies the ultrasound and she becomes emotional.  Hope claims she is fine but rushes out of Liam’s hotel room.  Outside the door, Hope cries.


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