Ridge Gives Hope and Thorne Hope for the Future; Liam Gives Steffy Hope for the Future Also

Monday February 19, 2018 – Episode #7779

Episode Summary:

Liam Can’t Forgive.  Not Yet

Liam and Steffy discuss their baby who they have just found out is a little girl.  Its amazing to see her.  They made her out of love Steffy says.  Please don’t forget that.  For our daughter.  IF he could just try to find it in him to forgive her.  Do it for our little girl.

Steffy hates what she did, that she hurt him and their little girl before she even gets there. It doesn’t have to be there if he can find a way to move forward as a family for their little girl.

The doctor tells Liam that Steffy needs his help to get through this pregnancy.  Steffy is doing great and the baby is developing right on track.  The doctor leaves.  Steffy and Liam are relieved the baby is doing well.  Steffy says she didn’t put the doctor up to the baby needing her.  But its true. They both need him.

Steffy is grateful Liam came.  Liam says its one of those days you don’t forget.  And he almost missed it. Whatever happens he will always be there for their daughter.  It all became so real today, Liam says.

He understands that Steffy has both the blessing and burden of carrying their child.  He is proud of her for looking after their baby.  She asks if there is any chance before the baby comes that they can be a family again.

Steffy tells Liam to take the ultrasound picture with him, so he can have their daughter with him always.  Steffy thinks they can overcome this and give their daughter the best start in life.  She tells him to take his time but think about the life they want to give their daughter.

Liam says that is all he thinks about. He wishes he could forgive her.  He wishes that night never happened.  So does Steffy. Liam tells Steffy he can’t get over it.  Not yet.

Steffy latches onto “not yet”.  That means the door isn’t closed whether he realizes it or not.  She has to hold onto that.  She loves him and always will Steffy tells Liam.

Katie Asks Thorne To Slow Down

Thorne encourages Katie to forget about Wyatt and think about moving on as they kiss passionately.  Katie stops them.  She can’t do this.  Thorne agrees to slow things down a bit.  Katie thanks him. She’s not ready after Wyatt ended their relationship.  Thorne gets a message from Ridge to meet him at the office.

He tells Katie he is more than willing to help her forget that guy.

Hope and Thorne Resurrect Hope For The Future

Hope comes to see Ridge at the office.  He thanks her for supporting Steffy. Hope says she doesn’t understand what Steffy did, but there is a child on the way that’s all that matters.  Liam isn’t quite there yet, but Ridge thinks Liam turning up for the ultrasound is a good sign.

Hope for the Future for Hope and Thorne

Hope is rooting for Steffy and Liam.  She wants them to enjoy this special time in their lives.  Ridge calls her a remarkable young woman.

Ridge asks her if Hope would like to bring Hope for the Future back to life.  He has no doubt she will make it a success once again.  Hope is thrilled and says she would love to.

Ridge can’t help her creatively.  Throne arrives.  Ridge tells him he came back to LA to be part of the creative team.  He has natural talent and that why his Aly line worked in Europe.  Thorne tells Ridge that must have been hard to say.  Ridge says Hope is resurrecting Hope for the Future.  He’s busy with couture so he wants Thorne to design for HFF. Thorne says it’s a definite yes, and Hope is excited to be working with him.

Hope leaves. Thorne jokes with Ridge that maybe he’s not so bad after all.  Ridge thanks him.  They both agree they could have handled things better when Thorne came home from Europe.

Ridge gives Thorne a gift.  It’s their parents martini shaker. Just a reminder not to take life so seriously.  They discuss Stephanie being happy that they are getting along.

Ridge tells Thorne he’s glad he’s home.  Thorne is glad to be there.

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